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RAA accelerates speed-to-competency by 40% with livepro

RAA accelerates speed-to-competency by 40% with livepro





Decrease in calls to the help desk



Knowledge is accurate & up to date

Livepro case study for RAA Insurance

The Challenge

RAA is one of South Australia’s largest organisations, delivering motor, home and travel insurance to over 750,000 members. The 260 front-line staff must be equipped to handle an immense spectrum of member needs and be kept up to date with regulatory changes within the insurance sector. To meet these requirements, staff initially relied on a basic file manager for knowledge management. However, information was laid out inconsistently, with neither version control, nor effective search functionality. These limitations were starting to be reflected in performance metrics and staff engagement surveys.

The Objectives

The business case for a new Knowledge Management System was centered around enhancing the member experience with improved first call resolution and speed to answer. The company set out to find a Knowledge Management System that could help:

  • Improve member experience & satisfaction ratings
  • Improve speed to answer & staff engagement
  • Guarantee regulatory compliance
  • Enable feedback from front-line staff to be received and actioned quickly

livepro was the perfect answer, equipping RAA with the capabilities to modernise member service for both members and staff. RAA quickly began livepro implementation, reviewing and rewriting all its processes and knowledge to ensure the new system contained nothing but best practices.

The Outcome

livepro has completely transformed the front-line employee experience, and the latest staff engagement survey results speak for themselves:

  • 25% increase in staff that say they have the right tools for the job
  • 84% of staff agree that information is accurate and up to date, a 37% increase from previous surveys
  • 92% agree that information is well laid out and easy to find
  • 95% say that livepro is the first system they log into in the morning.


This improved staff engagement is translating directly into a better member experience, and RAA is seeing a significant increase in first call resolutions.

The ease with which front-line staff can find information in livepro has led to a 22% drop in calls to the Help Desk, as well as a 40% increase in speed-to-competency for new hires. 68% of our front-line staff either agree or strongly agree that they are calling their internal help desk less regularly. Additionally, when travel was disrupted because of the COVID 19 pandemic, livepro’s usability enabled RAA to up skill travel agents into road service and Insurance specialists in a matter of weeks.

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We’ve seen a lot more of our staff not just becoming competent in training, but confident when they actually hit the front-line with livepro at their hands


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