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PetSure achieves business case in less than 4 months

PetSure achieves business case in less than 4 months



30 seconds


4,868 in 2 weeks


Livepro case study for Petsure

The Challenge

PetSure conducted a survey to determine how their agents felt about their previous knowledge base and to determine what they needed, the results indicated that agents:

  1. Believed the content was outdated
  2. Didn’t trust the knowledge
  3. Thought that it was too hard to find the right information

The unreliable nature of the knowledge base led to agents relying on their colleagues to get the right answers. “We had about three Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) on the floor that had lines of people waiting to ask them questions because they couldn’t find the right answers” said Heather Svendsen – Head of Customer Experience & Digital at PetSure. With how hard it was for agents to find the right answer and no reporting options to see what knowledge was being accessed, a new Knowledge Management System was needed.

The Objectives

PetSure came to livepro with a business case looking to achieve a reduction in AHT first and foremost, but also to achieve a more streamlined and reliable way of managing and accessing knowledge overall. Their objectives were to:

  • Reduce AHT
  • Make knowledge easy to find
  • Ensure that information given to customers was consistent
  • Have a system that allows users to give feedback when knowledge needs to be updated
  • Have a system that staff can solely rely on without the need to ask a friend/SME
  • Increase engagement and trust with the system and information

The Outcome

Three weeks after the implementation of livepro, PetSure conducted another survey to see how staff felt about their new Knowledge Management system. Results showed a huge shift in perceptions amongst agents, with staff now saying that they trusted the knowledge, found it simple to search for the correct information and felt more confident about finding the answer themselves without having to rely on colleagues.

With the introduction of livepro, PetSure have achieved the following outcomes:

  • 30 second reduction in AHT for existing agents
  • Business case was achieved in less than 4 months
  • 4,868 knowledge article accesses just in the first two weeks
  • Engagement has remained high with 145 users still logging on every day
  • Agents feel confident to answer customer questions correctly without having to ask SMEs
  • Reviewing feedback in livepro has kept knowledge up to date, with over 680 pieces of feedback being actioned in the first 8 months
  • Authors now have a simple system to review and report on knowledge and agents are actively involved in the process
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Our business case was to reduce AHT by 30 seconds and we achieved that in just under four months after implementing livepro.


Heather Svendsen,

, Head of Customer Experience & Digital at PetSure

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