Global experts in Customer Experience Knowledge Management


experts in Customer Experience Knowledge Management

Global experts in Customer Experience Knowledge Management

brad shaw

Brad Shaw​

livepro CEO​


“The livepro team is determined to deliver the easiest system to use, the easiest system to manage, and be the easiest people to work with.”

Designed by customer service professionals for customer service professionals

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CX Knowledge Management experts of Livepro

We are passionate about improving customer experience.

Since 2001 livepro has delivered the best Knowledge Management solution to award-winning customer service centers in all major industries including banking & finance, airlines, insurance, superannuation, education, health, and government.

Our world class team of CX Knowledge
Management experts

Any system you buy will only work as well as the team who is using it. What makes livepro different from all our competitors is we help you optimize the system and teach your team how to author knowledge.

We don’t just drop the system in, we make sure you are able to use it to its full potential—for life.

Natalie Mollica

Solutions Consultant

Tristan Conway

Senior Support Analyst

Oliver Vesey

Customer Success Manager

We are determined to be the easiest people you'll ever work with.


brad shaw

Brad Shaw


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Shannon Turner


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Michael Fuz


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Brooke Fletcher


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Lester Bloomberg


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James Walsh


Tyler Dixon


Kristin Sprows


Built with Agent Engagement in mind.

AI Assisted Search

livepro’s AI assisted Search rates the search results with % likelihood of being the correct answer with the 100% obviously at the top.

Modern Intuitive Interface

livepro is so easy to configure for Contact Centre staff, so you can have categories structured your way and keep evolving as your team and knowledge evolves.

Answers Not Documents

livepro’s ready made templates delivers the Answers to Agents NOT long hard to follow PDF’s and Word documents so Agents can concentrate on communicating with the customer.

Features Agents Love

The simple to use Favorites feature means one click to common answers AND the fun Quiz feature helps check understanding of answers. The Feedback feature makes it so easy for the Agents to have a say in how the knowledge is presented.


Easily manage who has access to what information. Easy to create and manage roles for varied levels of access.

Version Control

A full history of your knowledge. Who, when, and what was changed. Reinstate a previous version in seconds or compare versions on one page.

Scheduled Publication

Prepare and have knowledge approved and ready to publish in advance, at the set time it becomes available to your teams. You can also set it up to expire.

Periodic Review

Flag your content for regular periodic review, this makes it easy for you to ensure your content is always up to date.

Authoring Workflow and Feedback

Decentralize authoring to utilize expertise and feedback response from any area of the business. Workflow helps manage the entire authoring and feedback, approval, and publishing process.

World Class Dashboards and Extensive Reporting

Dashboards to help manage your knowledge and provide insights into customers’ questions no other system can provide.

Simple to Author and Edit

Our simple-to-use WYSIWYG editor means anybody can manage their knowledge. No programming or HTML required

Top Tier Support

livepro’s support is world class. Phone, email, chat and video-call options ensure your needs are met.

Guided Walkthroughs

Learn the ins and outs of livepro with our in-app guided walkthroughs.

Communities Forum

Our enthusiastic online user community helps you learn and share best practice tips in livepro.

livepro University

Become a Knowledge Management Expert with livepro University’s instructional videos course.

Enfeeblement with Agent Engagement in Mind

We help you set your system up and help plan for the launch to achieve unheard of user engagement right from day 1.

Customer Experience Knowledge Experts

We don’t just give you a system, we provide training your team on how to optimize all of the system features AND author with the end user in mind.

Regular Best Practice Webinars

We are determined to help all our clients become experts check out our library of Best Practice Webinars.

CX Knowlegde Management Forums

Keeps our clients up to date with current trends and provides insights into how other organisations manage their systems.

This is why we are always No. 1 for customer support and satisfaction on all of the rating sites:

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Feature-rich, yet easy to use

We deliver answers to agents – not long complex documents to dig through. This makes customer service quicker, easier, and more efficient. Staff requires next-to-no training on complex procedures thanks to livepro’s intuitive design, which brings confidence up and training costs down.


Answers to even the most complicated customer questions in an instant

With livepro, organizations have reliable answers to even the most complicated customer questions in an instant. livepro is the perfect single source of truth thanks to its easy-to-use, powerful AI-assisted search feature. We are able to deliver quick and consistent answers through any channel the customer seeks information, whether it’s via phone, email, front counter, website, self-service, live chat, or even virtual assistant.

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Staff feels self-assured to handle all inquiries, and factors of compliance and risk are minimized thanks to easy-to-follow process guidance. Costs are cut through reduced training time, AHT reduction, and elimination of errors.


Highest rating on

single line

Delight customers with fast, correct answers in any channel from one knowledge base

Let us help you deliver the answers to your customers and your agents through any user interface. livepro’s speed brings answers through any channel.


See what your ROI will be by using livepro to cut contact center costs.