livepro Launches LightspeedAI: Transformative Generative AI for Effortless Document Migration in Contact Centers

livepro Launches LightspeedAI: Transformative Generative AI for Effortless Document Migration in Contact Centers

19 February 2024 — livepro a leading provider of Knowledge Management solutions tailored for contact centers, is proud to be the first to market launching a revolutionary product, LightspeedAI. This cutting-edge generative AI tool is seamlessly integrated into the livepro Knowledge Management System, offering a ground-breaking solution for new users looking to migrate existing documentation, policies, and files from their current document management system into livepro. LightspeedAI significantly reduces the time and resources required to adopt a purpose-built knowledge management system and enhance customer experiences.

livepro’s LightspeedAI revolutionizes document migration, allowing contact centers to transfer years’ worth of documentation in minutes from their existing document repositories into livepro’s fit-for-purpose customer service knowledge management system.


**Time-Efficient Migration:** Significantly reducing the time and effort required for document migration, LightspeedAI enables contact centers to rapidly transition to livepro. Less time and resources are needed to author knowledge into the system, getting new users up and running sooner.  

**Automated Content Mapping:** LightspeedAI automatically maps and organizes content from the existing document into consistent, easy to navigate formats, preserving the integrity of the original document but improving readability and speed to answer.

** Instantaneous Knowledge Retrieval:** LightspeedAI is fully compatible with livepro’s market-leading smart search technology, allowing users to pinpoint the exact information they need within the content. The system intelligently understands user queries and provides instant, accurate results with automated accordion opening, eliminating the need for manual navigation.

The CEO of livepro, Brad Shaw, expressed excitement about the launch, stating, “LightspeedAI is a game-changer in our commitment to providing innovative solutions for contact centers. We understand the challenges associated with document migration, and LightspeedAI is our answer to simplifying and accelerating this process, allowing our clients to experience the full benefits of a purpose-built contact center knowledge management solution quickly and with less resources than ever before.”

The key benefit of LightspeedAI is the reduction in time and resources required to author knowledge into the system, allowing contact centers to become operational in a matter of weeks, significantly faster than traditional manual authoring methods.

livepro has consistently demonstrated dedication to enhancing knowledge management in contact centers, and LightspeedAI exemplifies the company’s commitment to innovation, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

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livepro delivers answers to any channel – meaning the same information is being accessed no matter where the question is asked.

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Shannon Turner
Shannon Turner

Director of Global Marketing

Sun, Feb 18 2024

9:31 PM

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