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How Can Knowledge Management Software Improve Customer Experience?

The best Knowledge Management Software provides controlled knowledge and serves as a single source of truth.

Controlled knowledge means that the KMS gives direct answers to customer questions, the ability to rate knowledge for user feedback loop, the system is easy to manage and ultimately reduces the need for staff training.

A single source of truth ensures that answers are consistent, accurate and up to date no matter where the question is asked or who accesses it. The knowledge management system integrates into all tools and channels used by staff and customers to ensure consistency, compliance and no confusing duplicates. Answers are easy to find using a fast and reliable search function that produces short, succinct and consistently formatted information.

When companies implemented KM systems that provide controlled knowledge to customers, they are 34% more likely improve customer satisfaction compared to those that use other Knowledge Management systems."


The CX Knowledge Management System that connects all your departments into one single source of truth. Deliver the same verified answers, company wide.

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Knowledge Management that Integrates with....

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Increase Customer Satisfaction by reducing AHT up to 25% and cutting transfers by up to 35%

Improved Staff Engagement and Induction-Training Periods cut by 50% or more

Improve Compliance & Risk with Authored Only Content & SOC Certified Secured Data

Get Analytics and Insights on How, When & the Amount of Times your Knowledge is Being Accessed

What is Knowledge Management and Why Is It Important?

The classic one-line definition of Knowledge Management was offered up by Tom Davenport early on (Davenport, 1994): “Knowledge Management is the process of capturing, distributing, and effectively using knowledge.” 4 years on the Gartner Group expanded on this, stating; “Knowledge management is a discipline that promotes an integrated approach to identifying, capturing, evaluating, retrieving, and sharing all of an enterprise’s information assets”

So why is KM so important? Fortune 500 companies lose at least $31.5 billion a year by failing to share knowledge. In the book ‘Critical Knowledge Transfer’, a survey highlighted that 53% of respondents claimed the knowledge-related costs of losing key employees could reach almost $300,000. This alone outlines the importance of storing not only your organisations knowledge in a controlled platform, but the knowledge held by your most experienced staff, so that when they move on it is not lost and now accessible to the next agent who joins your team. 

Additionally, the benefits of a modern knowledge management solution include improvements to customer experience as your newly acquired technology ties into your cx strategy. The reduce of risk, complaints, and more compliant call resolutions. Agents are now more engaged by the ability to find the correct answers quicky and therefore more efficient with their time. The business now has the same controlled knowledge distributed and accessible through each department and channel that your customers choose to connect with you leading to consistent answers, less wait times and less transfers. 

Implementing a system like livepro, we adapt to your workflows and are integrable with your existing systems including Zendesk, Salesforce, NICE, Genesys Cloud, Slack & WordPress – with the option for single sign on and single application use. Click Here, to learn more about livepro Integrations.