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Faster answers with

self-service solutions

Deliver faster answers with our self-serve solution. Empower your customers with the tools to find answers without calling the contact center.

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How does it work?

How does it



Just connect livepro Web-Answers to your website with a simple API. The knowledge that your contact center uses can be cherry-picked from within your livepro Knowledge Management System to sync directly to your website. 

Then your customers, partners, stakeholders, and contractors will be able to enjoy quick and easy access to the same accurate answers that they’d get if they called the contact center.

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Features easy to love

Give customers access to knowledge anytime, anywhere, on any app or channel.

One with your design

Seamlessly integrates with the look and feel of your existing website and applications

Your house, your rules

Hosted by your organization, allowing more control over how information is presented

Seamless syncing

Sync your knowledge and connect it to your site in minutes

Customizable views

Advanced authoring and user options—you choose what the customer sees

Find what you need

Federated search functionality— livepro searches website and knowledge base

DIY fusions

Allows you to build your own integrations

Effortless learning

With easy-to-use online training videos, get your team started ASAP


More answers, less questions for your agents

livepro’s Smart Search makes it easy for your customers to find their own answers quickly.


Happier Customers

Make it faster for them to go back to enjoying your product or service.

Reduce Call Volumes

Have customer concerns resolved without them needing to pick up the phone.

Minimize Costs

Save on agent hours, allowing you to take your business further.


Why self-service?

Serve thousands of consistent and accurate answers to customers, partners, contractors or stakeholders

No more static FAQs that force customers to read through lengthy PDFs to find answers or clumsy frustrating searches

Report on top accessed articles and searches for a better insight on what information your customers are accessing

Ease contact center volumes and significantly reduce costs as customers self-serve

Handing your customers the keys


Improve customer satisfaction, agent efficiency, and compliance management while saving big on costs.


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Delight customers with fast, correct answers in any channel from one knowledge base

Let us help you deliver the answers to your customers and your agents through any user interface. livepro’s speed brings answers through any channel.


See what your ROI will be by using livepro to cut contact center costs.