Leading the Charge in AI-Powered Knowledge Management for Customer Experience

Leading the Charge in AI-Powered Knowledge Management for Customer Experience

The race to adopt AI is intensifying especially in Customer Service. As organizations strive to enhance service delivery, stay competitive and reduce costs, it is crucial to leverage innovative technologies effectively. livepro has become the trailblazer in knowledge management AI, particularly for contact centers, setting a benchmark for the industry. Our commitment to innovation, security, and compliance ensures that we not only meet but exceed the expectations of our clients. We know the most important aspect of Customer Service is delivering the right answer to the customer through any channel the customer wants to ask the question – doing this using AI has great risks and should only be entrusted to specialists in the field.  Organisations are very wary of AI and the high risk of inaccuracy and hallucinations.  And they should be.  We have been able to overcome these challenges, but it is not easy.

The Hesitation Around AI Adoption

Adoption of AI in customer experience remains justifiably cautious, used incorrectly AI possesses a great risk to an organisation’s brand and customer loyalty. According to a recent survey by McKinsey, only 25% of organizations have embraced AI in their operations, while 58% are experimenting with it in limited capacities. This cautious approach is very wise given AI’s risks. However, organizations that hesitate too long will fall behind. Gartner predicts that by 2025, customer service organizations that use AI in some form will increase operational efficiency by 25%. For those lagging, the implications are obvious—reduced service levels, lost competitive edge, and a damaged reputation. These statistics are often overstated but one thing is for sure, a poorly considered AI approach without the required expertise poses even greater risk.

livepro’s Commitment to Innovation

At livepro, we are acutely aware of these challenges and have been innovating, testing and training tirelessly behind the scenes. In addition to our world first Integration into Microsoft Co-Pilot and Microsoft Dynamics CRM, our LightspeedAI knowledge transfer solution, AI-enhanced search and Agent Assist – our product and development teams have focused on solving generative AI problems unique to contact centers and customer service in general. One key area of innovation is the redaction of Personally Identifiable Information (PII), an often forgotten but critical concern in maintaining customer trust and regulatory compliance. By integrating advanced PII redaction technologies, livepro ensures that our AI solutions can be deployed safely and effectively, without risking sensitive customer data.

Compliance, Accuracy, and Governance the Key to unlocking the power of AI

Compliance, accuracy, and governance are at the core of livepro’s generative AI design. In an AI world where concern over accuracy, misinformation, privacy and data breaches are rampant, maintaining a fully governed single source of truth Knowledge Management system is paramount. A system where organisations can confidently ensure all knowledge delivered is fully reviewed by SMEs and reviewed by compliance experts.

Senior Customer Experience Executives have learned that in order to have a successful AI strategy, they must first underpin this strategy with a single source of truth; a knowledge management solution that securely stores your organisation’s documentation, policies, procedures and data in a library from which AI can generate customer-friendly responses. They also understand they must have full control over what knowledge in their knowledge base should be made available to the public and what must remain confidential.  They know they cannot risk confidential, Intellectual Property or Internal Policies being accidentally shared by an AI application without the correct Governance tools. livepro is paving the way in contact center knowledge management, with an AI solution that guarantees all generated answers are accurate and free from hallucinations, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards and instilling confidence in our clients. This approach is supported by data from Forrester, which shows that 89% of businesses consider data accuracy a key factor in their AI adoption strategy.

The real-time capabilities of livepro’s generative AI are transformative. AI-driven answers and summaries are generated instantly as customers interact via voice or chatbot. This not only enhances efficiency but also significantly reduces the workload on customer service agents. According to IBM, AI-driven customer service interactions are expected to handle up to 80% of all customer inquiries as soon as 2025, dramatically reducing the need for human intervention and cutting response times. Again, this prediction may be a little exaggerated but the road to AI driven customer interactions has already been paved, how quickly the world adopts it will depend on the confidence organisations have in its accuracy and ease of use. livepro knows this is the key and that is what we have focussed on with all our AI advancements.  

Leading with Research and Development

Our dedicated technical research and development initiatives focus on AI and large language models (LLMs), ensuring we remain at the forefront of technological advancements. This continuous investment in research and development allows us to tailor our AI solutions to the unique needs of contact centers and all other customer service channels, providing our clients with the most advanced, effective and reliable tools on the market. Our product and development teams carry out thorough testing and then further beta-testing with clients from various industries to ensure all AI features are designed and tested to perform under the pressures of the contact center and all other customer service environments.

Final Thoughts

As the customer experience landscape evolves, the requirement for innovative AI solutions becomes clearer. livepro is not just participating in this evolution; we are leading it. Our dedication to solving unique challenges, ensuring compliance, and driving continuous improvement sets us apart as the industry leader in knowledge management AI for customer service channels. The future of customer service is here, and with livepro, organizations can confidently navigate the complexities of AI adoption, staying ahead of the curve and maintaining their competitive edge. Embrace the future with livepro—where innovation meets reliability.


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