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Driving customer satisfaction; Hornsby Shire reduces AHT by half to under 3 minutes

Driving customer satisfaction; Hornsby Shire reduces AHT by half to under 3 minutes


Local Government

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Livepro case study for Hornsby Shire Council

The Challenge

Hornsby Shire is home to more than 140,000 people, and for many of them, Hornsby Shire Council’s customer service helpline is the first port of call for service requests. The Council’s goal is to resolve citizens’ issues as quickly and effectively as possible – but it was being held back by an outdated approach to knowledge management.

Customer service agents relied on physical binders for scripts, instructions, and supporting documentation. These were awkward to use – lacking key advantages of digital content, such as search functionality and direct links – which led some calls to last up to ten minutes as agents struggled to locate answers. What’s more, the binders had to be constantly updated and reissued with the latest information, and each employee required several months of one-on-one coaching to master the manual system.

The Objectives

As part of its ongoing commitment to improving citizen satisfaction, Hornsby Shire Council set its sights on modernising its customer service strategy with a cloud-based knowledge management solution. The council wanted to consolidate its knowledge into single, searchable location that would empower agents to rapidly deliver accurate and consistent information – shortening Average Handle Time (AHT) and minimising the need for repeat calls.

The ideal solution needed to be:

  • Easy-to-use and learn
  • Highly responsive, with search results available immediately
  • Cost-effective
  • Well-supported

Hornsby Shire Council evaluated a range of solutions and vendors, and it quickly found that livepro stood out from the competition. The livepro platform proved to be so intuitive that initial training took a matter of minutes, and the solution was up and running in less than a week – without any disruption to the organisation’s existing systems or ongoing operations.

The Outcome

Within several weeks of implementing livepro, all of Hornsby Shire Council’s operators were fully trained and competent with the new platform. And now that agents have the tools and confidence to quickly resolve citizen queries, AHT has dropped to under 3 minutes

.At first, the Council had feared that its customer service staff would resist the shift to a new, cloud-based system – but thanks to the solution’s ease-of-use and the efforts of the livepro trainers, employees were eager to learn.

And livepro did not just provide training; it worked directly with the Council to streamline every step of the knowledge management transformation. Jacqui Tomlins at Hornsby Shire Council, comments: “The livepro team was totally supportive during the whole process, and continues to provide that same level of support in day-to-day operations.”

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livepro is a game changer. It is a powerful tool that empowers and gives confidence to your Customer Service Officers to provide consistent information to customers efficiently and competently.


Jacqui Tomlins

, Customer Service Manager Hornsby

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