Livepro case study for Avant Mutual

Avant Mutual's onboarding time slashed from three months to two weeks with livepro

Avant Mutual's onboarding time slashed from three months to two weeks with livepro







Avant Mutual case study by livepro

The Challenge

As Australia’s leading medical defence organization and medical indemnity insurance provider, Avant Mutual has no room for error when members call its help desk. Contact centre staff must be able to provide answers that are 100% correct and fully consistent. However, the business did not have a centralized knowledge base that staff could draw on, so they would often have to consult colleagues – or even start a group discussion – to make sure they had the right answer. This led to extremely long average handling times (AHT), and training new starters was a nightmare.

The Objectives

To continue delivering the best possible service to health practitioners and medical students, Avant knew that it needed a new approach to knowledge management. The organization wanted to empower contact centre staff with the tools to deliver accurate, consistent answers quickly and confidently – so it began looking for a solution that could:

  • Centralise information into a single, up-to-date source of truth
  • Accelerate onboarding and cut time to competency for new hires
  • Eliminate ‘ask your neighbour’ culture – instead, staff should be able to

rely on the system livepro met all of Avant’s needs, and more. Not only did livepro enable the medical defence organization to consolidate its information into a single knowledge base, the ‘Compass’ feature also makes it easy for operators to find precisely what they need. This simple yet dynamic question and answer tool cuts through complexity and guides staff to outcomes based on each individual customer’s situation.

The Outcome

Avant initially piloted livepro with a small team, and the hype travelled fast – it wasn’t long before all call centre staff were asking to use the new solution! Now, operators trust the system. They can rapidly find answers without having to consult their peers, and they can be certain that those answers are correct. With livepro in place, Avant is seeing major performance improvements:

  • AHT is down 20%
  • Customer satisfaction is up 5%
  • Employee satisfaction is up 13%
  • First contact resolution (FCR) has increased from 50% to 67%
  • Unhappy customer retention has increased from 40% to 70%
  • Transfers have dropped by 33%
  • Wrap-up time is down from 17 minutes to 7 minutes

What’s more, livepro has completely transformed the new employee induction process. The solution is so easy to use that staff can deliver outstanding service with minimal training:

  • Onboarding now takes just 2 weeks, down from 3 months
  • Speed to competency has been cut from 12 months to less than 1 month

Avant’s contact centre teams are now better positioned than ever to serve its doctor and medical student members. Every employee, whether they are experienced or brand new, has the tools to handle enquires quickly and accurately.

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Almost immediately, new starters using livepro performed significantly better than existing staff using our old system.


Andrea Pepper-Edwards

, Change Specialist at Avant Mutual

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