ME Bank cuts AHT by 40% and Achieves Exciting Staff Engagement

ME Bank cuts AHT by 40% and Achieves Exciting Staff Engagement




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Staff Feedback on livepro

Livepro case study for Me Bank

The Challenge

As one of Australia’s leading direct banks, ME Bank operates no physical branches. The bank’s contact centre is the public face of the business to its 400,000 customers, it knows the value of first class customer service.

To provide agents with the knowledge to handle customer calls ME Bank built an internal wiki in SharePoint, the information in the wiki was difficult to organise, hard to search for and resulted in agents struggling to find the answers they needed. This led to long call times that frustrated both customers and agents.

Sean McGinn, General Manager at ME Bank, explains: “We needed a better knowledge management solution to achieve customer satisfaction and staff engagement.”

The Objectives

Previously, agents had to search through dense wiki pages to find answers or policy instructions – and they needed a lot of training just to use the wiki. ME Bank put a project team together tasked with the goals to improve the customer service experience for customers and staff. The Project team set their sights on:

  • Boosting staff engagement
  • Enhancing customer satisfaction
  • Cutting Average Handle Time (AHT) for calls by giving agents easy access to accurate information
  • Reducing training requirements

ME Bank reviewed the best solutions on the market to replace its wiki, and chose livepro – a purpose-built knowledge management system. livepro\’s powerful search features and easy-to-use interface enable agents to rapidly find the specific answers they need to resolve each call.

The Outcome

Now that agents have the tools and confidence to effortlessly handle customer calls, staff satisfaction and engagement is skyrocketing. ME Bank took surveys before and after the livepro implementation
and found that, with livepro:

  • 92% of staff felt that the new livepro Knowledge Management system was useful
  • An additional 38% of staff agreed that they had access to all the information they needed
  • An additional 61% of staff agreed that information in the system was accurate and up-to-date
  • An additional 39% of staff agreed that information was easy to find

Everyone from agents and authors to managers love the new system. One agent, Aden Biedrzycki, comments: “It’s made my job easier by allowing me to find information a lot quicker.” And that opinion is echoed by Manager, Peter Danson: “People have taken to it very easily. It is very intuitive, and the feedback from all staff that I’ve talked to has been extremely positive.”

livepro is so easy-to-use that ME Bank no longer needs to spend so much time training agents – the system is designed to be used by anyone. Regardless of contact centre experience or tech savviness.

With staff able to work so much more effectively, the Communications Coordinator & Service Excellence at ME Bank, Hasan Sevik reports that the bank has successfully slashed call times, massively improving the customer experience. “Since implementing livepro, we have seen our AHT reduce from 10 minutes to 6 minutes. That’s a 40% decrease.” And as an added bonus, this AHT decrease is helping the bank achieve big cost savings.

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