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AHT reduction of 17%

AHT reduction of 17%


Customer Contact Solutions





Datacom regulated organization services

The Challenge

Datacom is one of Asia-Pacific’s leading IT-based service providers, operating across New Zealand, Australia, Malaysia and the Philippines. They design, build and run IT systems and processes for businesses across key market sectors including healthcare, local government and education.

Datacom manages customer contact for a large Federal Government client, assisting consumers with enquiries through phone, email and webchat channels. With the complex nature of these enquiries and a strong focus on compliance, the Datacom Connect team had to quickly develop an understanding of the products and services in order to accurately articulate relevant knowledge to the consumer.

The Objectives

The Datacom Connect team wanted to increase the level of consistency in the answers being provided to consumers. Any system they selected needed to be adaptable and able to deliver information in a clear, readable format.

Dean Fox, Senior Operations Manager, said the team had tried various internal solutions that didn’t seem to have an impact. “We were very open to bringing in a tool that was going to continue to develop and mature with us. For us, that was livepro. It was encouraging that we could go on a journey with livepro to improve our knowledge management.”

“We had tried things like SharePoint and just using Word documents, but they weren’t adaptable and didn’t give us the control we needed to get information out to our team.”

The Outcome

Bringing in livepro, coupled with a combination of other measures including governance and operations frameworks, made a significant impact. Datacom used the implementation of livepro as an opportunity to enhance action planning, soft skills and standard contact centre skill building.

“These other measures were great, but livepro helped us to get there faster. We were also surprised by all of the other outcomes livepro was able to help us achieve.” – Dean, Senior Operations Manager.

  • Reduced Average Handling Time
  • Increased Speed to Competency
  • Enthusiastic User Adoption
  • Continuous Improvement Process
  • Quality Assurance

Datacom continues to work with the livepro team and are developing a Best Practice Knowledge Management Team to further enhance the level of service they provide to their clients.

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We are so pleased we chose livepro for our knowledge management. livepro delivered great results and have turned out to be great partners.


Libby Ewing-Jarvie

, General Manager, Datacom Connect

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