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Goulburn Mulwaree Council achieves highest customer satisfaction rating in the council sector

Goulburn Mulwaree Council achieves highest customer satisfaction rating in the council sector



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The Challenge

Goulburn Mulwaree Council constantly strives to be “easy to do business with\” and the ability to rapidly deliver consistent, accurate information to citizens is critical to meeting this goal. When the Council experienced an influx of new customer service staff, it needed a solution to maintain its high standard of phone service set by more experienced team members.

The Objectives

To enable the new staff to provide the best possible service to citizens, the Council needed to significantly improve its training and knowledge management strategy. The organization set out to find a new solution that could meet the following objectives:

  • Reduce the time and cost for training new hires
  • Make consistent, up-to-date information readily available to both staff and customers
  • Improve first call resolutions and reduce average handling times
  • Boost customer satisfaction, giving them confidence that they had spoken to a knowledgeable team member

livepro met these goals and more, emerging as the ideal answer to the Council’s challenges. Showcasing the product to the wider Council, the customer service team quickly secured buy-in for livepro for the entire organization. Before long, Goulburn Mulwaree had implemented 319 livepro templates, which are now utilised 1,200 times per month.

The Outcome

Thanks to livepro, the Council’s onboarding difficulties are behind them – with training time now reduced from two weeks to just two days. The new knowledge management system is so intuitive that temporary staff with minimal training can now be brought in to cover for team members who are sick or on leave.

Last but not least, internal staff morale and engagement have seen significant improvements. By empowering them with easy access to accurate information, and simplifying complex processes, livepro has reduced the pressure on customer service staff. Colleagues throughout the organisation have noticed how well the department has been performing, with the team being nominated for 15 individual and 7 team awards for staff recognition.

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In the latest annual CSBA report on customer satisfaction among local governments, we finished at the top of the sector and that can be attributed to the use of livepro


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