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WDRC utilise livepro to provide exceptional customer service & support the local community during high call volumes

WDRC utilise livepro to provide exceptional customer service & support the local community during high call volumes


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Livepro case study for Western Downs Regional Council

The Challenge

The Customer Contact Centre (CCC) Team is the face of Western Downs Regional Council. Ensuring that the CCC Team can deliver accurate information in a timely fashion is critical to upholding the Council’s standing in the community. However, an outdated approach to knowledge management was impacting the team’s effectiveness.

To find the answers to customer queries, contact officers juggled multiple systems, reference books, fact sheets, sticky notes – and often had to simply rely on the memories of longer-serving staff. This led to high call resolution times, lengthy queues, and inconsistent answers across the board.

The Objectives

In 2020, the CCC Team committed to a new vision:
To proactively pursue exceptional experiences for customers. With this goal in mind, the team set out to find a new solution that would yield greater efficiency, consistency and help them deliver an overall superior service to internal and external customers. Before long, the team found its answer – livepro.

livepro promised to empower the Council with a comprehensive suite of knowledge management features, including:

  • Accessibility via the cloud from anywhere, at any time
  • Information consolidated into a single, searchable, and reliable source of truth
  • Announcements and real-time updates to keep front-line staff informed with the latest knowledge updates
  • User-friendly design to cut training requirements, enhance productivity, and boost staff satisfaction

The Outcome

The Council’s livepro soft launch came just in time – coinciding with the February 2020 floods! “With infrastructure teams stretched thin, roads damaged, and creeks over-flowing, our community and travelers panicked. livepro was the single tool the CCC Team relied on. It allowed smooth and efficient customer service delivery – ensuring citizens had the right information and requests were directed to the right places quickly”.

Hot off the heels of the floods, the COVID 19 pandemic gave the CCC Team little time to catch their breath. livepro was fully implemented in the midst of the lock-down, providing front-line staff with invaluable access to information, new process instructions, and critical announcements.

Despite the challenging circumstances and an 11% spike in call volumes, the team has managed to cut call times by over 4% and queue times by 11%.

Easy access to accurate, centralised knowledge has helped boost team morale and confidence, reducing frustration during these stressful times of increased call volumes and unprecedented challenges. To top that off livepro has helped break down silos and improve the CCC Team’s relationships with other departments by fostering a mutual understanding of roles, challenges, and processes.

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