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KMS success story:

Lockyer Valley Regional Council doubles staff engagement and efficiency

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The Knowledge Management Challenge

Just like for any local government, it is mission-critical for Lockyer Valley Regional Council to be able to resolve customer queries quickly, accurately, and consistently – so when the council realized that its legacy knowledge management system (KMS) was standing in the way of staff efficiency and customer service quality, it knew that it needed a fresh approach.

The old system was highly unintuitive, which meant that customer service agents required extensive one-on-one training to use it effectively, and staff in other departments had immense difficulty locating key information. To make matters worse, the council had no way of updating the system with new material, so staff often had to look elsewhere for the latest answers to customer questions. This led to long calls and low satisfaction – both for customers and employees.

The Objectives

The council decided to replace its old, off-the-shelf KMS with a modern solution that could act as a single source of truth for all of the organization’s knowledge. Lockyer Valley Regional Council began looking for an easy-to-use, easy-to-update KMS that could help it achieve the following objectives:
  • Boost staff engagement and customer satisfaction
  • Cut agent training time and associated costs
  • Shorten Average Handling Times (AHT) for customer service calls

This search soon led to livepro – a high-level knowledge platform that met all of the council’s needs, and more. Wendy Scott, Customer Service Co-ordinator at Lockyer Valley Regional Council, comments: “We chose livepro because they had the best reputation in the market.”

The Outcome

With the help of livepro, Lockyer Valley Regional Council has completely transformed its knowledge management landscape. Costs are down, productivity is up, and both employees and customers are happier than ever.

Now that customer service agents can pull clear and consistent information from a single source of truth, staff engagement and efficiency have doubled. Wendy adds: “Staff is so happy with the new system, and the transition was so easy! They actually want to add more information to the system to take advantage of it!” And with livepro, adding new information is easy, since knowledge managers can seamlessly update the system at any time.

livepro’s powerful search functionality and user-friendly design also empower agents to quickly and easily communicate answers back to customers – cutting some calls by as much as 7 minutes – and they enable users from any internal department to effortlessly find whatever knowledge they need. What’s more, this ease-of-use has drastically simplified new agent onboarding, as Wendy explains: “The amount of one-on-one, initial user training has decreased by half!”

“Staff­ are so happy with the new system, and the transition was so easy! They actually want to add more information to the system to take advantage of it!”

– Wendy Scott, Customer Service Co-ordinator Lockyer Valley Regional Council