Knowledge Management’s Role in Customer Support

knowledge managements role in support ticketing

Breaking Down Ticketing Systems vs Knowledge Bases for Support When it comes to Knowledge Management Systems and Knowledge Base Software offerings, ticketing systems like Zendesk Guide and many others offer a self-service knowledge base as part of their product suite. These systems are commonly used in contact centres with heavy customer support activity. Some of […]

The Benefits of Standalone Knowledge Base Software

Standalone knowledge base software-Livepro

users of controlled knowledge systems achieve up to 35% better results When it comes to choosing a Knowledge Base Software provider for your organisation, the easy option can be going for an off the shelf Knowledge Base (KBS) suite add-on within your current CRM, Cloud manager or Project Collaboration Provider. The recommended option is going […]

Knowledge Management vs Project Collaboration Software

knowledge management vs project collaboration software

When we talk about Project Collaboration Software, we often think of them as platforms popular with IT Departments because of their popularity in this industry and the support they provide in a team knowledge environment. When your organisation is considering a Knowledge Management System, it’s important you pick one that has been specifically designed for […]

Arming your CX Staff with a Knowledge Management System

arm cx staff with knowledge mangement system

When it comes to managing documents, data, policies and knowledge to support your team, you need to decide between choosing between a file manager (applications like SharePoint or a purpose-built Knowledge Management System for your organisation.

How is livepro Different to SharePoint?

livepro vs sharepoint

When it comes to file managers, applications like SharePoint are generally free as a part of your Microsoft package. You can use it as a secure place to cloud store, organize, share, and access information from any device. All you need is a web browser. As it is a part of your Microsoft package there is […]

Knowledge Management – Helping you Work Remotely

knowledge management for remote work

By now, you may have adjusted to the fact that some of the wide-ranging effects of the COVID-19 pandemic will be with us for good. This means Knowledge Management Systems are now more important than ever. Many organisations have converted to full-time work-from-home arrangements in response to government-imposed closures, and not everyone is keen to […]