Achieving Great Knowledge Management – livepro is the Difference

Achieving Great Knowledge Management – livepro is the Difference

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Why livepro?

When it comes to Knowledge Bases and Knowledge Management Solutions (KMS) there are many different options and brands to consider. You may have used many different systems, you might be familiar with the KMS you have always used or you might never have used one at all and transitioning from a file manager to a KMS is on the cards. Whatever the case may be, it is important to implement a Knowledge Management System that is reliable, reputable and suits the needs of your staff and organisation.

livepro prides itself on delivering Knowledge Management Solutions (including self-service Knowledge Base Software options) that have highly reputable reviews from customers in Australia to the USA and North America. livepro constantly gathers feedback from its customers to adapt to a fast-paced industry and deliver a KMS that is not only feature-rich and easy to use, but also sophisticated enough to meet the requirements of any organisation; whether it be a large enterprise contact centre with over 1000 users right through to small local councils or contact centres with 50-100 agents.

The Benefits of a Multi-channel Knowledge System

livepro’s core product is designed for managing multi-channel CX knowledge. It delivers consistent answers in the best formats for end user comprehension. When you compare this to some other KMS products, they often direct the user to documents or databases which then expect users to find the answer for themselves or collaborate on an answer. This often creates an inconsistency with the information that is being communicated from the contact centre to the customers, which in turn leads to longer wait times, low CX scores and higher costs as you battle uphill against staff and customer churn.

We believe that centralising and curating knowledge overcomes the many challenges of organisational silos and divergent channel management strategies. The benefit of having a multi-channel KMS as your single source of truth is that every agent, in every department is delivering consistent answers to your customers. This is crucial now more than ever as workforces move to working remotely more often. livepro allows the user (both agents and customers who want to self-serve) to get results from the service channel of their choosing (e.g. telephone, web search, live chat or chatbots). This recent Global CX Study by Ecosystm outlined that “the customer experience is becoming digital”. Companies anticipate calls with a contact centre agent continue to represent 25% of their customer interactions, however they see digital options like email, live chat and self-service touch points significantly increasing in popularity.

Understanding Knowledge Delivery

livepro has spent the past 20 years evolving and perfecting knowledge delivery. As experts in CX Knowledge Management, we understand that knowledge comes in many different forms and the way that individuals process information varies. This has helped us design a system where knowledge can be broken down into steps, processes, and guidelines so that agents are served with questions they can ask customers which will navigate them to the correct answers consistently.

The most common issue we see with other Knowledge Management systems is the ‘off the shelf’ or one-size-fits-all approach to their products. This creates short-cuts in your knowledge network as you are forced to work around the constraints of certain features, conflicting data, trying to find the correct knowledge and integrations that might be not be available.

We don’t have this issue, one of our most popular livepro features is the AI-enhanced smart search which delivers fast, reliable and accurate results in the format most suited to the content and needs of the user. Search scores help determine result relevance, and summaries help identify knowledge immediately.

The result? Getting the right answer faster, every time. Don’t just take our word for it, read this case study about Avant Mutual who replaced their previous Knowledge Management System with livepro. The implementation resulted in a significant drop to their First Contact Resolution (FCR), Transfer and Average Handling Time (AHT) measurements.

Below is a break down of the four most common livepro customisable features that will help deliver knowledge to your agents:

  1. Announcements broadcast urgent temporary information (e.g. an upcoming event, an outage, or a promotion). Announcements notify each user directly so they cannot miss it. Administrators can target a subset of users and can then view a report showing which users have read the announcement; this is useful for compliance purposes.
  2. Document Notes provide short, concise, easy-to-read answers.
  3. Process Guidance – Work Instructions are simple step -by -step process guides on how to complete a task or procedure, meaning that precision and consistency replace ambiguity and guesswork every time. The Work Instructions can be viewed as a flowchart or a series of instructions and questions and are useful for processes that may have more than one path to completion.
  4. Decision maker – The Rocket is an easy-to-use bot that transforms complex policies into a few simple questions that deliver the perfect answer. It eliminates ambiguity and errors while significantly reducing response and training times.

Giving your Audit Team the Tools They Need to Succeed

livepro’s feature set and governance tools are more developed than any other system available. Our market-leading governance package ensures all knowledge is approved and correct with the following features:

  • Authoring workflow – controls authoring, approval and publishing. Decentralise authoring to capture knowledge from any area of the business.
  • Version control – archiving and review dates assist in best practice compliance. A full history of your knowledge showing who, when and what was changed. You can reinstate a previous version in seconds if you need to.
  • Periodic review – flags your content for a scheduled review, making it easy for you to ensure answers are always up to date.
  • Reporting and analytics – mean everything in livepro is fully reportable, from the knowledge itself to the way it is accessed, and which users have accessed it. Our analytics tools are world-class and provide you with a breakdown of customer insights that other systems may not.

Datacom was another that reduced AHT by 17%, significantly increased speed to competency and staff engagement.

What about Security and Integrations?

Your IT Department will appreciate that livepro is cloud-based and hosted on the secure AWS network with SSO certification and an open API with many pre-built integrations such as WordPress, Genesys Cloud, NICE, Zendesk and Slack. Easily coordinate popular BI tools so you can combine data from other customer sources into one portal. If you are working with an existing CRM or sales system like Salesforce, consider the benefits of creating a seamless, simple-to-use powerhouse of service technology.

What about Support & Implementation?

livepro prides itself on being the easiest company to deal with in the Knowledge Management space. Our Customer Experience team will make your implementation the most successful your organisation has ever delivered, and you will love our support team as much as everybody else. Don’t take our word for it, have a look at what our customers say:

“Not only were the livepro team available to help us with any support requirements we had, but they were also easy to deal with and delivered on what they promised” – Gympie Regional Council.

“Easy to use, easy to manage, easy to deal with”

livepro has the best implementation and user engagement record of any system on the market. We guarantee your implementation will be successful. We are the only system using gamification techniques to achieve outstanding utilisation and engagement within days of launch.

Liverpool City Council found the benefits of using livepro extended well beyond their customer service targets; employees, customers, and new staff are all benefitting. livepro’s ease of use has taken all of the complexity out of staff training, cutting speed to full competency for new customer service representatives from 26 weeks to just four weeks.

“Staff satisfaction has been a big reward from this project. They have become confident in the knowledge they are sharing with customers. Our customers are also enjoying major benefits, with the quality, speed, and consistency of customer service improving significantly.”

If you like what you’ve read, then contact us today to book a free demo or have a chat about how we can help you achieve the results you need.

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