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Open Access

The Open Access Knowledge Base Software application is the perfect answer for multiple-audience knowledge needs. Users from any department and customers can find the answer they’re looking for at any time. Our traditional CX Knowledge Management System requires a named user license to access information – Open Access Knowledge Base is the backstage pass for everyone.

Why Open Access Knowledge Base Software?
  • Get started today and complete training with our online University!
  • Company-wide single source of truth (knowledge)
  • Connects to your website for customer self-service and web answers
  • Only make the knowledge you want public, lock the rest down with permissions
  • Connects to your existing intranet
  • Track top search terms and knowledge objects accessed through analytics
  • Globally rated and supported in the USA, Australia, UK, Europe and Asia-pacific
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Permission Control

Knowledge Base Software Key Benefits & Features

Easy-to-use and the most powerful knowledge base software is designed from the ground up to help you scale your customer support, and, collaborate better with your team.

  • Information/knowledge can be pushed directly to your website, helping customers self-service and reducing the stress on your customer service team
  • Internal use capabilities – set up IP restrictions OR password protection for security
  • Ability to segment information so that admins only have to share what they want and can restrict access to sensitive information
  • Ability to create personalised knowledge bases for different teams.  Permissions can be used to grant and restrict access to different categories of information according to individual team needs
  • Intuitive to use and understand – information is accessed via the search bar and users can also click on individual categories
  • Very easy to setup and requires minimal training
  • Users can leave feedback on information articles so that admins are able to continually improve knowledge objects


What can specific departments get from utilising the Open Access Knowledge Base Software:
  • HR – Open Access ensures all policies are in the one place and always up to date through compliance tools
  • Project Teams – build repeatable project information and have the teams easily update the knowledge as projects go through their cycles. Reuse the knowledge gained to create efficiencies in the next project
  • Process Workers – Open Access helps with ensuring consistency when following processes, making correct decisions via the decision tree feature and completing all tasks assocated with the order.