The Benefits of Standalone Knowledge Base Software

The Benefits of Standalone Knowledge Base Software

Standalone knowledge base software-Livepro

users of controlled knowledge systems achieve up to 35% better results

When it comes to choosing a Knowledge Base Software provider for your organisation, the easy option can be going for an off the shelf Knowledge Base (KBS) suite add-on within your current CRM, Cloud manager or Project Collaboration Provider. The recommended option is going with a standalone Knowledge Management System that is purpose built for customer experience, data accuracy, multi-channel customisation and has its own dedicate support and training.

An example of this could be Salesforce Knowledge, which is available as part of the Salesforce Service Cloud, it allows you to have your Customer Knowledge and a variety of service cloud solutions all in the one package. Salesforce Knowledge is often favoured by those who want to simplify their software vendor management and integrate all their channels into the organisations CRM.

Some of the differences between add-on Knowledge Bases and purpose built Knowledge Management solutions like livepro:

  • Add-on systems are generally built around “Knowledge Articles” with less features enabling you to break the knowledge down into easy to follow tree-maps, processes, and searchable criteria for each knowledge piece
  • The Knowledge Base may only be supported by the main Cloud Service which can be expensive and has certain limitations
  • Standalone Knowledge Solutions have great tech support, training, and updates on feature requests
  • Add-on KMS may not have the content control that a standalone product would have, with multiple knowledge articles existing around the same topic
  • livepro Knowledge Base Software has designated authors to systematically create the content and have it reviewed and authorised before it is published. Users can continuously provide feedback so that each piece of content contains the optimal information to answer each question and can be updated if the authors deem necessary.

According to the 2019 Global CX White Paper Study by Ecosystm, users of controlled knowledge systems achieve up to 35% better results than users of article or file management systems in terms of customer satisfaction ratings, compliance, employee engagement, and contact centre cost reduction. When the research was broken down they found purpose built Knowledge Solutions improved customer satisfaction by up to 75%, employer engagement by 62%, increased sales by 35% and reduced cost by up to 34% – stats by Ecosystm.

The livepro intelligent search function delivers fast, accurate results in one of four different formats depending on the complexity of the answer, these include:

  • Announcements broadcast urgent temporary information (e.g. an upcoming event, an outage, or a promotion). Announcements notify each user directly so they cannot miss it.  Administrators can target a subset of users and can then view a report showing which users have read the announcement; this is useful for compliance purposes.
  • Document Notes provide short, concise, easy-to-read answers.
  • Work Instructions are simple step -by -step process guides on how to complete a task or procedure, meaning that precision and consistency replace ambiguity and guesswork every time. The Work Instructions can be viewed as a flowchart or a series of instructions and questions, useful for processes that that may have more than one path to completion.
  • “Rocket” is livepro’s exclusive, easy-to-use, bot builder which transforms complex policies into a few simple questions that deliver the perfect answer. Rocket eliminates ambiguity and errors while significantly reducing response and training times.

livepro customers who have moved from an off the shelf Knowledge Base or Knowledge Management Systems across the globe including the USA, Australia, NZ and Canada say these four knowledge formats make finding the correct knowledge quick, easy and efficient. When conducting our livepro case studies user feedback also noted that the livepro Intelligent Search was one of the top listed features, helping users intuitively follow step-by-step procedures that enabled them to ask the right questions, taking them to the correct decision and achieving great compliance scores.

Some of our extra customer experience features include:

  • Four different ways for users to provide instant feedback for continuous improvement:
    • Ratings
    • Feedback directly within a knowledge object
    • General feedback
    • What were you looking for? This can be used to improve search results.
  • Market -leading Governance package to ensure all knowledge is approved and correct.

Most importantly, livepro customers unanimously say our Customer Service Knowledge Experts are so easy to deal with and are always ready to provide guidance and assistance when you need it. We have experts in your region to talk to and to show you how to improve the experiences of your customers and customer service specialists.

livepro can help you overcome many challenges in your contact centre whether you’re are a small, medium or large organisation. Our quick start Knowledge Base or Premium Knowledge Management Solution can help you achieve outcomes such as:

  • 30% reduction in time to find the answer they were looking for.
  • 15% improvement in Customer Satisfaction scores.
  • Up to 45% improvement in Employee Satisfaction scores.
  • 30% reduction in on-boarding and Training. Some clients have achieved 90%!

*livepro Case Studies

To learn more about Knowledge Management Solutions for your organisation, visit the livepro website for a free trial or drop us a line on 1300 548 356 or (USA) +1 844 20 77 999

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