Knowledge Management vs Project Collaboration Software

When we talk about Project Collaboration Software, we often think of them as platforms popular with IT Departments because of their popularity in this industry and the support they provide in a team knowledge environment.

When your organisation is considering a Knowledge Management System, it’s important you pick one that has been specifically designed for your industry, is adaptable to the needs of your workforce and has customer service at the forefront of the platforms capabilities. All too often we see large companies selling project collaboration product suites with the promise of customisable knowledge bases and multiple add ons. In truth, majority of these products are not designed with customer service at the forefront, nor do they consider the workflow habits, behaviours and needs of a contact centre.

A Knowledge Management System like livepro has been primarily built as a Customer Service KMS and has those critical components required to help your workforce in any department, quickly deliver accurate answers to customers’ questions or requests.

The other roadblock you may come across with typical project management software, is that you will find it is primarily built for collaboration, which is ideal for technical support where collaboration is required to find an answer. However, when it comes to contact centres, this poses a great risk of misinformation as knowledge, policies and product/service updates become diluted between various departments. This often leads to longer wait / call times and customer dissatisfaction across the board.

The livepro Knowledge Management System ensures responses to questions about products, processes, policies and company information are the result of “controlled knowledge” management, and that responses are authored through a thorough governance process before being published for viewing.

According to the 2019 Global CX Study by Ecosystm, users of controlled knowledge systems achieve 10% to 35% better results than users of other info management systems on customer satisfaction, compliance, employee engagement, and cost reduction.

When you start looking at knowledge types and how they are built into KMS platforms, you will find project management-collaboration suites are often built around single documents, known as a ‘Knowledge Articles’, which typically requires users to read through and interpret information to find an answer. Although knowledge articles can be improved with templates, it often slows down the speed in which the answer can be delivered, reduces conversational answer replies and at times, incorrect answers are delivered if the document has not been interpreted correctly. By contrast, livepro is purpose-built to deliver accurate answers to all departments in a format that suits the nature of the content, how the user navigates through it and how it needs to be delivered to the customer.

livepro KMS offers four customizable formats:

  • Announcements broadcast urgent temporary information (e.g. an upcoming event, an outage, or a promotion). Announcements notify each user directly so they cannot miss it.  Administrators can target a subset of users, and can then view a report showing which users have read the announcement; this is useful for compliance purposes.
  • Document Notes provide short, concise, easy-to-read answers.
  • Work Instructions are simple step-by-step process guides on how to complete a task or procedure, meaning that precision and consistency replace ambiguity and guesswork every time. The Work Instructions can be viewed as a flowchart or a series of instructions and questions, and are useful for processes that that may have more than one path to completion.
  • “Rocket” is livepro’s exclusive, easy -to -use, bot builder which transforms complex policies into a few simple questions that deliver the perfect answer. Rocket eliminates ambiguity and errors while significantly reducing response and training times.


Compare the Market, who moved from a project management-based suite to livepro, say these four formats helped their contact centre users to concisely and quickly find the correct answer. They also tell us: 

  • “livepro’s Intelligent Search is a great feature – it’s amazing how quickly and intuitively it takes you to the right answer.”
  • They love that “livepro is specifically built ready to support customer service teams out-of-the-box and is so intuitive and easy to use.”
  • Four different ways for users to provide instant feedback for continuous improvement:
    • Ratings.
    • Feedback directly within a knowledge object.
    • General feedback.
    • “What were you looking for?” which can be used to improve search results.
  • Market -leading Governance package to ensure all knowledge is approved and correct. Compare the Market improved compliance by 12% in the first four months.
  • Straightforward permissions settings so you can regulate which users see each piece of knowledge.
  • All the analytics you need for great customer, employee, and knowledge insights
  • Simple authoring process.
  • Ready-to-use templates to get up and running quickly.

When it comes to implementation and integrations, livepro has it covered with simple API’s that allow a seamless connection to all other customer-facing channels so they can manage all their customer support systems from one portal.

Most importantly, livepro customers unanimously say our Customer Service Knowledge Experts are so easy to deal with and are always ready to provide guidance and assistance when you need it. We have experts in your region to talk to and to show you how to improve the experiences of your customers and customer service specialists.

These are just some of the reasons livepro delivers fantastic results and is one of best top-rated Knowledge Management Systems in regions including Australia, New Zealand, Asia, United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Europe. Schedule a demo with us today and find out how your organisations can achieve similar goals:

  • 30% reduction in time to find the answer they were looking for.
  • 15% improvement in customer satisfaction scores.
  • Up to 45% improvement in Employee Satisfaction scores.
  • 30% reduction in on-boarding and training. Some clients have achieved 90%!


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