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Do you want a CX Knowledge Management System packed with features, yet still easy to use? We’ve got you covered!

Knowledge Management System - Benefits for Every Department

Chief Customer Officer

Create a seamless and smart customer experience informed by analytics. Consistent answers and voice in any channel, and from every department.

Contact Centre

livepro is built for your needs. Easy to find answers, process guidance and our one-of-a-kind Rocket (answer-bot).


Workflow controls authoring, approval and publishing. Version control, archiving and review dates assist in best practice compliance.

IT Department

Cloud-based and hosted on AWS. livepro has SSO, an open API and many pre-built integrations.


One Knowledge Base for all digital channels, with insightful analytics, and all in your branding.

Digital Transformation

Integrates with the solutions you already use for seamless inter-department workflow.

The Top 6 - Knowledge Management System Features

livepro is packed with features, so we’ve rounded up the top 6 that we think will save the most time and money. We have designed our KMS to arm your workforce with quick access to accurate knowledge, policies and procedures. 


Smart Search

Our search is smart. Built to find the perfect answer in no time at all. Search scores help determine result relevance, and summaries help identify knowledge at a glance.


Announcements are quick updates that keep agents in the loop without needing to leave their screen. They’re timed, meaning they are only available while relevant – keeping email inboxes free from clutter.

Work Instructions

Process Guidance

Minimise training with livepro’s Work Instructions tool. It easily walks novice users through complex processes step-by-step to ensure consistent answers every single time. More advanced users can skip steps using the dropdown menu.

The Rocket

The Rocket is our intuitive answer-bot. A dynamic decision making tool that turns novices into experts. Simply select your first answer, and a series of new questions will appear based on each new response given. The Rocket cuts through complexity and ensures accuracy every time.


Reporting & Analytics

Learn unique customer insights and trending searches with our custom reporting dashboards and analytics. Everything in livepro is fully reportable, from the knowledge itself to the way it is accessed.


Sometimes your knowledge might be complex or have major changes. Ensure agent comprehension with the livepro Quiz feature. It’s a fun way to make sure that everybody understands those new policy updates.

Other Great Knowledge Management Features

A few more features that will make life easier for every department

Feedback & Rating

A great avenue for your team to contribute to the continuous improvement of knowledge.


Store your knowledge in categories so that everything is easy to find and update.


Cloud-based application with an API and SSO that slots easily into your existing tech setup.

User Configurable Profiles

Foster community, collaboration and allow for individualised experiences with user configurable profiles.


Allows for complete control over who has access to what information. Create and manage roles for varied levels of access.

Version Control

A full history of your knowledge. Who, when and what was changed. Reinstate a previous version in seconds.

Scheduled Publication

Prepare and have knowledge approved and ready to publish in advance, at the set time it becomes available to your teams. You can also set it up to expire.

Periodic Review

Flag your content for regular periodic review, this makes it easy for you to ensure your content is always up to date.

Authoring Workflow

Decentralise authoring to capture knowledge from any area of the business. Workflow helps manage the entire authoring, approval and publishing process.


Users can save their favorite knowledge objects to further personalise their livepro experience.

Ready-made Templates

Author beautiful and functional knowledge in minutes with our pre designed templates.

Guided Walkthroughs

Learn the ins and outs of livepro with our in-app guided walkthroughs.

Top Tier Support

livepro’s support is world class. Phone, email, chat and video-call options ensure your needs are met.

livepro University

Become a Knowledge Management Expert with livepro University’s instructional videos course.

Communities Forum

Our enthusiastic online user community help you learn and share best practice tips in livepro.

Why you Need a livepro Knowledge Management System!

The livepro Knowledge Management System has been primarily built to maximise customer experience and empower your work force to improve customer service satisfaction ratings.

When you are working in our Knowledge Base Software responses to questions about products, processes, policies and purchases are the result of “controlled knowledge” management, meaning responses are authored only through a thorough governance process before being published for viewing.

According to the 2019 Global CX Study by Ecosystm, users of controlled knowledge management systems achieve 10% to 35% better results than users of other KMS platforms on; customer satisfaction, compliance, employee engagement and significant cost reductions!

When it comes to implementation and integrations, livepro has it covered with simple API’s that allow a seamless connection to all other customer-facing channels so they can manage all their customer support systems from one portal. This includes integrations with Salesforce, Word Press, Genesys Pure Cloud, Slack, NICE and many more.

These are just some of the reasons livepro delivers fantastic results and is one of best top-rated Knowledge Management Systems in regions including Australia, New Zealand, Asia, United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Asia Pacific and Europe.

What results can you expect?

  • 30% reduction in time to find the answer they were looking for.
  • 15% improvement in customer satisfaction scores.
  • Up to 45% improvement in Employee Satisfaction scores.
  • 30% reduction in on-boarding and training. Some clients have achieved 90%!

Don’t just take us at our word...

Read what our customers have to say about the livepro knowledge management system

Health and Aged Care

“Having a comprehensive tool like livepro has reduced our training time by 25% and reduced errors by over 50%.”

I-Med Radiology


gympie new

“The time to implement was three weeks – from design, through to testing, training and going live.”

Gympie Regional Council



“Since implementing livepro we have reduced AHT from 10 minutes to 6 minutes. That’s a 40% reduction.”

ME Bank


“Compliance has increased by 12% which reduces our risks of complaints and financial liability.”

Compare the market

Any Industry

tabcorp tatts logo

“During their proof of concept Tabcorp saw a 61% reduction in the time it took to find content.”