How is livepro Different to SharePoint?

How is livepro Different to SharePoint?

livepro vs sharepoint

When it comes to file managers, applications like SharePoint are generally free as a part of your Microsoft package. You can use it as a secure place to cloud store, organize, share, and access information from any device. All you need is a web browser.

As it is a part of your Microsoft package there is no single sign-on issues and you can utilise it to sync documents from a team site or OneDrive for work or school to your computer for offline use.

When it comes to managing your organisations documents and Knowledge, why do we have so many SharePoint customers switching to livepro?  Obviously, each client has different reasons and needs but here are a few of the common reasons: 

livepro’s Intelligent Search function – an industry leading benefit in the Knowledge Base industry that takes every user to the right answer quickly and efficiently.

livepro is specifically built for customer service, it is out of the box ready to go with unique features specifically designed for and to benefit Customer Service operators. The platform can be customised to suit your needs and updated to reflect changing customer requirements.  livepro has been built and managed by CX Experts who understand customers want “answers” and not “Knowledge Articles” so we take the user directly to the answer, not a document that has to be read and interpreted.  We know customer answers need to be delivered simplistically, but in many different formats.

Knowledge (answers) in livepro are delivered in 4 different formats depending on the user’s needs.  We have:

  • Announcements – used for urgent temporary answers (i.e. an upcoming event, outage etc.) which notifies the user so they cannot miss it.  They can be targeted to the correct users and are reportable to check who accessed the knowledge for compliance purposes.
  • Document notes for short sharp ‘easy-to-read’ answers
  • Process Guidance with simple step by step instructions on how to complete a task or procedure reducing ambiguity every time (includes a flowchart if the user prefers)
  • Rocket – livepro’s exclusive, easy to use, bot builder which simplifies complex policies into a couple of simple questions which takes the user to the perfect answer (eliminating errors and significantly reducing response and training times).


Some of the “out of the box” ready to use features in livepro we believe are essential for user engagement and simplicity include: 

  • 4 different ways for users to provide instant feedback for continuous improvement
  • Market leading Governance package to ensure all knowledge is approved and correct before being published, dated for review, version controlled and properly archived to deliver a full history
  • Permissions feature so you can regulate who sees what
  • All the analytics you need for great customer and knowledge insights  
  • Ready to use templates to get up and running quickly 
  • livepro’s simple API which allows you to easily connect to all other customer facing channels so you can manage all your customer knowledge from one portal


Most importantly, livepro Customer Service Knowledge experts are always ready to provide guidance when you need it (real experts in your region who are there to talk and show you how). What benefits can you expect to your bottom line?

  • 30% reduction in time to find the ‘answer’
  • 15% improvement in Customer Satisfaction
  • up to 45% improvement in employee satisfaction
  • 30% reduction in Induction and Training (some clients have achieved 90%)


Hard to believe?  Check out our case studies and contact us to book your free demo

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Shannon Turner
Shannon Turner


Tue, Jun 23 2020

2:37 AM

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