livepro Launches LightspeedAI: Transformative Generative AI for Effortless Document Migration in Contact Centers

19 February 2024 — livepro a leading provider of Knowledge Management solutions tailored for contact centers, is proud to be the first to market launching a revolutionary product, LightspeedAI. This cutting-edge generative AI tool is seamlessly integrated into the livepro Knowledge Management System, offering a ground-breaking solution for new users looking to migrate existing documentation, […]

Why Your CX Strategy Must Use Customer-Centric Knowledge Management

A common myth in our business is that any knowledge management system enhances customer experience just as effectively, or nearly as effectively, as a customer-centric one. By “generic” knowledge management system, we mean a solution that isn’t specifically focused on customer interactions or experiences. Instead, such a tool typically consists of a knowledge base that […]

The Science of Knowledge Management

todd gorsuch interview

You’d never guess that Todd Gorsuch is a micromolecular biologist by trade. However, there are small (pardon the pun) signs. It’s in the way he notices the details about a Knowledge Management System, and understands how every part should be synthesised, modified, and interconnected to benefit its users. What Todd brings to customer service is […]

How the right Contact Centre Software Creates Happy Staff

contact center software happy staff

Encourage and Support Doing the same mundane tasks daily can get tedious, causing employee productivity to come to a standstill and hindering staff motivation. At a call centre, things aren’t much different. From providing exceptional customer experience to analysing customer calls and coming up with on-the-go solutions, the staff have a lot on their plates. […]

How Multichannel Knowledge Management Creates An Adaptable Workplace

knowledge management adaptive workforce

In the past few years, workplaces have been continuously evolving by adopting several assistive technologies and tools. IT strategies are constantly transforming the way employees work, giving them lots of flexibility and adaptive methods that lead to more productive and efficient work strategies. Ever since the pandemic pushed us into mandatory remote working environments, the […]

How is livepro Different to SharePoint?

livepro vs sharepoint

When it comes to file managers, applications like SharePoint are generally free as a part of your Microsoft package. You can use it as a secure place to cloud store, organize, share, and access information from any device. All you need is a web browser. As it is a part of your Microsoft package there is […]

Knowledge Management – Helping you Work Remotely

knowledge management for remote work

By now, you may have adjusted to the fact that some of the wide-ranging effects of the COVID-19 pandemic will be with us for good. This means Knowledge Management Systems are now more important than ever. Many organisations have converted to full-time work-from-home arrangements in response to government-imposed closures, and not everyone is keen to […]