Encourage and Support

Doing the same mundane tasks daily can get tedious, causing employee productivity to come to a standstill and hindering staff motivation.

At a call centre, things aren’t much different. From providing exceptional customer experience to analysing customer calls and coming up with on-the-go solutions, the staff have a lot on their plates. Maintaining the same enthusiasm for every call can be challenging.

Call centre managers often find it challenging to ensure that employees are motivated and ready to take on their workload – so much so, that it often falls to the wayside or simple band-aid fixes are implemented. It is becoming an increasing trend to prioritise the happiness of the organisations customer facing frontline – after all, they’re the company’s backbone interacting with customers, so their satisfaction should be of priority.

If you are looking for ways to create a charged-up positive work environment, here are a few ways to empower your employees along with using contact centre software like CX designed knowledge management solutions, so they feel ready to take on the day:

Encourage and Support

Content employees make a happy workplace. And the best way to ensure that your employees are happy is to encourage them, support them and instill confidence in them. Analyzing customer calls all day isn’t an easy task, especially when they have to read lengthy documents to answer a question accurately.

This is where implementing the right contact centre software helps. Empowering your agents with knowledge management solution tools like livepro can take agents through dynamic customer journeys in an easy-to-use format that has been designed specifically for the contact centre. One such feature in livepro that makes for easy work is the Rocket – a dynamic decision making tool. The agent asks the customer a simple question, the customer replies, after which the agent asks another automated question until the specific, perfect answer is found. Moreover, using these tools is especially great for new agents who can sound like experts due to the simple and intuitive design of the platform.

You can only ensure customer satisfaction if your employees’ behavior with them meets customer expectations, which typically occurs when staff feel motivated and supported.

Incentivize Them

Offering incentives is a great way to encourage your employees and keep them trying to achieve their best. For starters, you could offer gift cards, family lunches, one-time bonuses, or even cupcakes on their desk, depending on their achievements.

Incentivize customer service and excellence. Let your staff know that greatness awaits them beyond the everyday tasks, and give them positivity to focus on.

It’d be a good idea to talk to your people first and select an incentive that they want, so they’ll work harder for it. Utilizing any technology or contact centre software at your disposal such as a CX knowledge management solution to rollout competitions and incentives has been proven to work great for livepro clients like RemServ – who have won multiple CX Knowledge Management Award’s for their fantastic user adoption and rollout strategies.  

Make Processes Easy For Them

Receiving calls, analyzing problems, interpreting knowledge, keeping records, and updating CRMs can be a dull, time-consuming job. Not to mention, dealing with multiple customers every day can make the staff prone to errors that can result in inaccuracies and compliance breaches.

Employees like nothing better than when their managers offer practical solutions to simplify their work. Having the right contact centre software can significantly help employees manage their workflow to improve customer service. By implementing a knowledge management system like livepro that is designed and built for the contact centre – the employee’s job is made easier.

A knowledge management system that’s designed for the contact centre will have several features that make the day-to-day life of an agent easier. Like a smart search tool that provides answers – not information. Process guidance that walks agents through complex procedures with ease, decision trees to guide agents to the perfect answer and favorites functionality to save their most used knowledge.

In fact, 92% of the staff at ME Bank feel that livepro knowledge management is useful and agents love how it makes their work life easier. Aden Biedrzycki, comments: “It’s made my job easier by allowing me to find information a lot quicker!”

Reduce Lengthy Training Requirements

All of the features in a purpose-built CX Knowledge Management System exist to make the contact centre workers life easier and thus provide a better customer experience. The features within livepro eliminate the need for lengthy training and onboarding processes by simply making the job simple!

livepro’s contact centre software KMS reduces the complexity from staff training to facilitate the employees.

Why Choose livepro?

With built-in features for customer service, livepro works best in any industry where customers are vital. We have a large client base from many industries including Finance, Government, Travel and Logistics, Entertainment, Healthcare and Insurance.

ME Bank reviewed the best contact centre software on the market and chose livepro for its leading knowledge management system. Its powerful search feature and easy-to-use interface offer agents the ability to rapidly find the answers they need to resolve calls successfully.

livepro can help your staff work effectively and boost their interactions with customers positively. Not only this, it improves staff engagement that in turn increases their job satisfaction.

After all, happier employees = happier customers.

Read the case studies that show how livepro has helped companies like yours increase staff engagement and job satisfaction by simplifying call centre staff’s duties and taking the pressure off memorising answers here.

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Shannon Turner
Shannon Turner


Tue, Jul 13 2021

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