How Multichannel Knowledge Management Creates An Adaptable Workplace

How Multichannel Knowledge Management Creates An Adaptable Workplace

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In the past few years, workplaces have been continuously evolving by adopting several assistive technologies and tools. IT strategies are constantly transforming the way employees work, giving them lots of flexibility and adaptive methods that lead to more productive and efficient work strategies.

Ever since the pandemic pushed us into mandatory remote working environments, the very fundamentals of workplace mechanics have changed to be more adaptive to accommodate the growing needs of a remote work environment.

One of the most helpful solutions that have helped organizations adapt to the growing shift towards work-from-home culture has been multichannel knowledge management systems that enable remote workers to access accurate and updated information from any place and anytime.

Why Does The Adaptive Workplace Work?

While the move towards remote work might have been rushed and quite sudden given the circumstances, it has proved to be quite an efficient work model. An adaptive work model is expected to be the default choice for most enterprises. It helps identify future opportunities and readapt business models to suit the growing changes in customer behavior and market conditions.

Technology transformation is a big part of adaptive workplaces. Thus the workforce gets easily acquainted with the latest technological innovations and advancements like AI, automation, and data-based business models.

This, in turn, directly translates to better efficiency and cost savings which will go a long way in determining the success of the enterprise. Three critical qualities characterize an adaptive workforce:

Flexible Hierarchy

Traditional rigid hierarchies are often attributed to a lack of innovation and out of box thinking. However, the adaptive workforce works around such limitations by making the work structure way less hierarchical.


Traditional workforce models suffered from the consequences of information silos and had several limitations in forming cross-functional teams. Adaptive workplaces help find better solutions, eliminate silos, and encourage better cooperation among different teams within an organization.

Why a Multichannel Knowledge Management Solution?

Adaptive workplaces do work wonders in theory. But you need the right set of tools, build the binding company culture, and the suitable business model and strategies to make it work in practice. An excellent cloud-based multi channel knowledge management solution is one of the most critical tools that can help you bring together your adaptive workforce.

It equips your workforce with quick and easy access to information crucial for handling their service operations. Our multichannel knowledge management solution also helps drive better efficiency and productivity as it makes your employees feel more engaged.

A cloud-based multichannel knowledge management tool has several more benefits that make it the best choice for an adaptive workplace, especially customer service points. Let us show you how.

Knowledge Management and Scalability

Adaptive workforces with a good cx knowledge management solution, you have the freedom to scale up or down the amount of licenses based on your current need.

For instance, let’s say you are running a seasonal deal and expect many customer queries and calls to be served in a short amount of time. It would help if you double up your workforce to handle the requests to maintain the optimal response time even during peak hours.

But once the seasonal sale is over, you may have to revert to your original resource strength and cut down on license numbers. A cloud-based knowledge management solution allows you to do that effectively.

Eliminate Silos

A major pain point for many organizations is that informational flow across their different departments remains slow and out of date. Our multichannel knowledge management solution, with its self-service option, helps you eliminate information silos and provide a unified knowledge base that is always accurate and up to date.

Any authorized user within the organization can easily access information from anywhere, thus paving the way for a truly adaptive workplace. You can ensure that anyone in any department will have the same knowledge as the contact centre, thereby eliminating confusion and miscommunication.

Increases Speed To Competency

Our intuitive multichannel knowledge management system has been capable of cutting down training times for new hires from a period of several weeks to a handful of days. Our knowledge management system was able to reduce the training period by 5 days with a marked improvement in the net promoter score from 52 to 62 in the popular finance company RemServ.

Our tool proved to be a great asset to Remserv in training new hires and bringing them up to quality customer service within a short period. Our cloud-based knowledge management system replaced their traditional spreadsheets. It thus enabled new customer service agents to quickly search for and find answers to customer queries at a rapid pace.

New Integrations Always Being Developed And Are Released To Customers For Free

livepro’s motto is to be the easiest to use, easiest to manage and easiest to deal with. We keep refining our multichannel CX knowledge management solution for better efficiency, innovative features and release these new features regularly. We are always developing new integrations to other tools used in the contact center, such as colloboration tools like Microsoft Teams, Slack and Webex all the way through to standard telephony and CRM tools like Salesforce. All our updates and integrations are made available to our customers for free at zero additional cost, making remote working even easier.

Assists In Staff Retention And Engagement

One of the consequences of growing adaptive workplaces would be that employees would expect flexible options as a crucial aspect when deciding to remain in a company. But working out adaptive workplaces in practice can be challenging as it is not a binary decision between on-site and virtual.

Adaptive workplaces need to be more fluid, flexible and allow for better collaboration, engaging team dynamics, and minimizing social isolation. We help organizations all over the world, including USA, Canada, Australia, UK and Europe to adapt to such evolving needs of an evolving workplace and make sure you remain a favorite choice in the job market.

Contact us to learn more about our multichannel knowledge management solutions and how we can of help you transform your contact center. 

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