The Importance of Integrations when choosing a Knowledge Management System

The Importance of Integrations when choosing a Knowledge Management System

Knowledge Management Solutions (KMS) can be a lifesaver for customer contact centres across the globe in a variety of essential industries including insurance, banking, finance, Government, health, retail, utilities, superannuation, logistics and many more.

Integrating knowledge base software with existing business systems is key to answering customer enquiries with efficiency and consistency without the need for constant transferring, searching through layers of documents or dealing with long training days to get all your departments in sync. 

How can your organisation achieve this? It starts with your dedicated knowledge author developing and curating information that will flow seamlessly throughout the organisation’s various customer-facing channels. The next step is ensuring the Knowledge Management System is integrated into your business platforms like support ticketing, CRM, websites, and customer facing channels. This allows the contact centre agent or the user to find the correct right answer quickly within the application they are using or along side it. This facilitates fast, efficient problem-solving and it ends with satisfied customers and increased internal productivity.

livepro Integrations at a Glance & the Power of API

livepro’s determination to be the single source of answers regardless of the channel has led to the development of a simple Application Programming Interface (API) that has enabled us to connect to several popular applications, including:  

  1. Zendesk: a support ticketing system—the livepro integration here allows the incident type to be passed through so the correct knowledge object can be found to resolve the ticket.
  2. NICE CXone: a scalable cloud contact centre telephony platform, that gives agents access to knowledge via a workspace panel at all times without having to open it in a browser tab. livepro delivers contextual knowledge straight to the screen to help the agent answer any questions as quickly and accurately as possible. For example, you can automatically present an agent with the correct knowledge depending on which interactive voice response (IVR) the customer came through. This ensures an agent is ready to go with information and can appropriately handle the interaction.
  3. Genesys Cloud: a premium contact centre app for combining phone, email, chat, and social platforms in one tool, this integration offers you:
    • Single sign on & simple configuration
    • Role management, controlling the knowledge agents can view
    • Smart Knowledge delivery using the subject line or IVR selections to suggest knowledge automatically
    • Copy and paste function to reduce time in typing lengthy replies
    • Feedback function from agent to administrator
  4. Websites: a powerful integration that connects your verified knowledge base straight to your website via a simple API connection. Maintain your branding and choose where and how your knowledge is displayed to customers, staff, partners and stakeholders.

Integrations on the immediate horizon include Salesforce and Microsoft Teams. livepro as a single source of truth, endeavours to seamlessly and securely connect all parts of your organisations customer management, support and communication channels.

What livepro Customers have Achieved During their KMS Journey

Voted the highest performing knowledge management system in 2020 by G2 software review site, livepro’s knowledge management solutions currently service a wide range of organisations, from corporate enterprises and government departments and small to large contact centres. We have implementation and service experts across Australia, United Kingdom (UK), Europe, United States of America (USA) and greater North America ensuring your requirements are met and your staff get the best training during implementation.

Once integrations are set up with vital internal systems, users can then harness the power of livepro to guide their customers through decision trees, converting new employees into instant knowledge specialists and streamlining updates and changes into existing processes.

Without the pressure of having to go searching for the correct information, agents have more time and confidence to put effort into customer support—listening and empathising, solving enquiries more precisely, and avoiding long delays that would otherwise come from making mistakes.

Added to this, the stress around audit and compliance reports is a thing of the past with quiz results and statistics that provide actionable business intelligence.

What Does this Look Like in Practice?

livepro knowledge management systems receive 5-star reviews on software comparison sites G2, Capterra, Software Advice and GetApp. But see what our customers have to say:

  • McMillan Shakespeare

“livepro reduced training time from four days to three days (including assessment time) while still covering learning objectives and 100% pass rate on assessments. This was due to refocusing the session on practicing and troubleshooting the skills, using LivePro to solve problems and answer questions, and reducing the learner guide into a workbook that is 20% of the original documents’ size.”

  • Me Bank ran a user survey before and after implementing livepro, and found that:
    • Before livepro, only 45% of users felt that they were able to access the information that they needed in order to do their jobs, versus a whopping 83% after the implementation of livepro.
    • Before livepro, only 9% of users found that their knowledge management system had accurate and up to date information, versus 70% once livepro was introduced.
    • Only 36% of users believed that the resources in their old knowledge management system were helpful as opposed to a huge 92% once livepro was implemented.

    • 74% of users strongly agreed with the statement that “Overall, I am happy with my livepro Knowledge Management System.”

When dealing with complex policies, refunds and product models, the functionality of a KMS like livepro breaks it down into step-by-step tree maps, offering different paths of knowledge answers based on the customers responses.

This speeds up a usually lengthy process and helps remove any margin of error when it comes to these complex calls or interactions. Over time you will notice a significant improvement in customer satisfaction, accuracy, and compliance.

To see what your organisation can achieve with the livepro KMS, download our official whitepaper with real statistics or check out our range of case studies that show how livepro has helped improve customer service and CX satisfaction scores for a range of organisations, councils and corporations across the United Kingdom (UK), Europe, United States of America (USA), Australia and New Zealand. 

Contact us today for a live demo or a free trial so you can see for yourself the various features and capabilities of livepro.

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