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5 Ways to Cut Contact Center Costs

In 2021 customer experience is more important than ever. According to a recent report by PWC, 73% of customers are making buying decisions based on Customer Experience while 86% of customers admitted that they don’t mind paying more for a high-quality customer service…..

In the past few years, workplaces have been continuously evolving by adopting several assistive technologies and tools. IT strategies are constantly transforming the way employees work, giving them lots of flexibility and adaptive methods that lead to more productive and efficient work strategies. Ever since the pandemic pushed us into mandatory remote working environments, the [...]
According to a 2021 survey conducted by Auscontact Association, 62 percent of Australian adults have contacted an organisation regarding a customer care or service issue within the last three months.
CX Knowledge Managment System
The introduction of Knowledge Management (Knowledge Management) systems changed the game for many businesses in the modern era. The ability to quickly access data across an enterprise enabled companies to grow at speeds that corporate executives only dreamed about 50 years ago.
Knowledge Managment transurban
Transurban wanted to provide career development opportunities within their customer service team and set about identifying and training a pool of talented people who could move easily between functions to perform critical tasks, thus reducing single points of dependency. With the livepro Knowledge Management System at their fingertips, the processes and information they needed to cross-train customer service officers were seamlessly incorporated into a new cadetship initiative.
Knowledge Management Integrations
Integrating knowledge base software with existing business systems is key to answering customer enquiries with efficiency and consistency.
CX Knowledge Management Systems KMS
When it comes it customer service, it does not matter what country or region your organisation operates from or in, it is crucial to get it right! Adapting to changing trends is just one part of a complex issue that influences other vital components of an organisation.
So it makes sense that the best Knowledge Management Systems deliver the answers to your customers through all available channels, and organizational knowledge is managed through one single source of truth.
The Sydney to London Partnership livepro and Mobile Cloud are pleased to announce our strategic partnership across EMEA, combining Mobile Cloud’s industry leading CX RPA management consulting services with livepro’s world class Enterprise CX Knowledge Management Solution. Companies now more than ever are recognizing that they need to accelerate the enablement of their Knowledge solutions [...]
CX Knowledge Management
The data referenced comes from Genesys’ 2019 Asia Pacific Consumer Research (APCR).  Calling customers the lifeblood of any organization is akin to saying breathing is essential to living. Despite the value of customers being a universal truth, all too often, there are still companies that fall short when it comes to keeping them satisfied. Sometimes, [...]
This year's livepro virtual forum has a stellar quality of award nominations this year, read more to see who the lucky winners were.