Knowledge Management Awards 2020

Knowledge Management Awards 2020

cx knowledge management awards

This year’s livepro forums looked a little different than usual as we embraced all things virtual, but one thing was the same – the stellar quality of award nominations we received! Well done to all of this years winners, we are stoked to see all the great results you have achieved with livepro and couldn’t be prouder! Read on below to find out all about this year’s winning entries.

Best Knowledge Object Outcome

This award recognises exceptional use of any livepro knowledge object to achieve engaging and customer/agent focused answers. We were looking for the knowledge objects that hit the nail on the head in terms of creativity and effectiveness of formatting, effectiveness of providing a focused answer and ease of access.

The winner is……

Author: Taylor Kitson

Remserv was looking to onboard a group of consultants in an urgent uplift and set themselves the ambitious goal of reducing training time from 5 days to 2 days. To achieve this, they reviewed their existing livepro knowledge objects and found that while all the information required was in the system, the resources contained some “assumed knowledge” and information required by the new consultants on day to day basis was spread across multiple knowledge objects.


A rocket was created to link all relevant knowledge objects together and guide the new consultants through each of the different scenarios they might be faced with when handling calls. The rocket not only linked work instructions and hubs that were relevant to claims processing, but also linked to more general processes so that consultants were supported through every step.


Following the introduction of the rocket, a review conducted by the quality review team found that the new inductees performed better than a similar group that received the full 5 days training. The new group achieved:

Reduced AHT of 2.49 minutes. This equated to a full-time employee efficiency gain of 0.35

Livepro usage doubled, with hub visits increasing by 106% and an 108% increase in overall knowledge object visits

The quality score for the new group was improved by 21% compared to the old group, despite the 60% reduction in training time

Best Knowledge Management Roll-Out

We understand what a mammoth task it can be to roll out a new knowledge management system and we want to recognise the teams who have gone above and beyond in driving staff engagement with livepro during the roll out phase of the project.

The winner is…..

Knowledge Manager: Matt Auld

To ensure the success of their implementation, Matt Auld from RAA employed the following strategies and activities to build engagement and excitement for the new system:

Pre engagement workshops, which started laying the foundation of what the staff wanted the KMS platform to look like

  “Compass Cup” which ran for 4 months and offered incentives for engagement. (1 Point per Announcement read in 24 hours, 1 point per feedback item submitted and 1 point per correct monthly quiz result. a new feature of Compass (livepro) was also introduced each month.

Incentive to name the system and design logo – the frontline was encouraged put forward their own suggestions and then the top 5 were voted on by the wider community.

 A ‘What’s Missing’ Incentive for users to submit what they have always wanted in a knowledge management system but we were limited by SharePoint functionality or lack thereof.

Enlisted senior managers to engage with the frontline and keep teams updated on what is happening, moving etc. in a post COVID world.


The main challenged  that were encountered by RAA were related to culture changes around logging in every day and trusting the new resources. Normally it would be easier for a consultant to contact their support team because it would be easier to wait on hold for up to 5 min than to find the answer so changing those behaviours were difficult. All of the above activities helped to combat  these existing behaviours and get the team on board.


Following the launch of Compass, RAA immediately saw the following results:

  • 22% reduction in calls to our support team
  • 44% reduction in selected activities run during our induction program, highlighting speed to competency AND return on training investment.
  • 25% increase in our annual engagement survey for the question “the systems and processes here support me getting my work done effectively’


Knowledge Management Champion

This award recognises the teams or individuals who live and breathe livepro, consistently pushing and driving knowledge management both internally & externally.

The winner is….

singleton coucil

The Guru Project Team

Singleton Council have been passionate and excited about advocating for Livepro in the wider organisation and to external organisations since purchasing the system in early 2019. Some of the activities they have undertaken to promote livepro include:

  • Holding workshops and consultations with other departments to encourage feedback and to further communicate how great the livepro system is. As a result, they now have key players from other departments approaching customer service staff recommending ideas and knowledge objects to go into Livepro.
  • Presented to leadership team to highlight positive impacts of livepro on the organisation
  • In February 2020, Shaina (senior customer service officer) and Anita (Coordinator of Information Management and Customer Service) travelled to the University of Newcastle to present on behalf of Livepro at the ‘CX Exec Workshop – Where to start with Digital Transformation’.
  • In June 2020, Shaina also presented at the National Local Government Customer Service Network Central/Southern Quarterly meeting via Zoom to share their experience with livepro and demo their knowledge objects
  • The team has been put in touch with many neighbouring local councils to share their experience of livepro and are always willing to help.


“Singleton Council should be considered as the Livepro ambassador (Knowledge Manager) of 2019 as we live and breathe Livepro. We are incredibly passionate about this system and how it has improved not only our team but our organisation as a whole. Livepro is critical in our success in delivering superior customer service and is certainly helping us become the best Council in Australia. We are always so eager to support Livepro in their presentations to external organisations and will continue to accept any opportunity offered to us to help them become bigger and better – the more people that have Livepro the better the world will be!”

Knowledge Management Project Results

The Best Knowledge Management Results award recognises an organisation’s efforts in rolling out and achieving their knowledge management goals as demonstrated through the results they’ve achieved over the term of their KM project.


The winner is….. 

GMHBA launched livepro in 2019 with the following goals:

1. Create a single source of truth to to capture, improve, enhance and manage knowledge within GMHBA and have it act as a dedicated knowledge platform that is consistent and reliable for employees answering member enquiries. 

2. Achieve effective two-way communication channel so that all stakeholders (Call Centre, Managers, Departments) can participate and collaborate in the creation of knowledge. By creating an open pathway we can effectively identify strengths and weakness and assess our opportunities & threats.

3. Deliver exceptional customer service experiences to members. throughout their lifetime with GMHBA Limited. To do this we need to make sure we are providing the tools & resources to our front line operations team to make this happen. 


In the four months since launch, GMHBA was able to not only meet, but exceed all three of these goals by an outstanding amount. Since the launch, a review of NPS, CSAT and QA scores have revealed the following:

  • Knowledge Object usage increased by 205% over the last year
  • Comparing the last 4 months on average the NPS score increased 26.85 points compared to the previous year​
  • Comparing the last 4 months on average CSAT increased by 0.78 compared to the previous year.​
  • QA Scores increased on average 7 points between November 2019 and June 2020 (82 to 89). Biggest increase was within “Frank Team” who have increased their QA score on average 15 points (77 to 91). Target for QA is a score of 80 points. 
  • In collaboration with newly established complaints team has led to a reduction of Ex Gratia payouts made due to error by a significant amount. A comparison between the same quarter last year shows a over $10, 000 dollars in savings. 


These incredible results are a testament to the hardwork and dedication GMHBA has put into their knowledge management system! Congratulations, GMHBA.

Congratulations to all our hard earned winners and the nominees who contributed to a fantastic year of awards and a great forum overall. We look forward to another great year ahead in 2021 and hopefully we can all catch up in person. 

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