Web Answers

Web Answers

Your Customer Self Service Knowledge Base Solution

How Does Web Answers Work?

Connect web answers to your website, directly integrated to your verified livepro knowledge base.
Giving your customers quick access to find the accurate answers they need.

Pick from two customer support CX knowledge management self-service solutions

1. Open Access Knowledge Base

Quick setup, fully hosted and branded knowledge base, accessible from your website.

  • Securely hosted by livepro, quick and easy to setup
  • Custom skins available to resemble your branding
  • Connects to your site in minutes
  • Easily create multiple Open Access pages for different audiences, departments and regions
  • Easy to use and online training videos available to get the team started now with minimal training

2. Self-service Web-Answers

Connect livepro Smart Search to your website and deliver answers direct to customers
  • Hosted by your organisation, allowing more control over how information is presented
  • Allows you to build your own integrations
  • Pull information from livepro to anywhere you choose
  • Seamlessly integrates with the look and feel of your existing website and applications
  • Simple API allows for federated search of your website and knowledge within livepro
Most customers prefer to find their own answers

livepro’s Smart Search makes it easy and the cost saving benefits on the bottom line speak for themselves


Happier Customers


Reduce Call Volumes

Minimise Costs

Why Implement a Knowledge Base
Self-Service Solution?
  • Serve thousands of consistant and accurate answers to customers, partners, contractors or stakeholders
  • No more static FAQs that force customers to read through lengthy PDFs to find answers or clumsy frustrating searches
  • Report on top accessed articles and searches for a better insight on what information your customers are accessing
  • Ease contact centre volumes and significantly reduce costs as customers self-serve