LightspeedAl: Implement contact center knowledge management with ease

LightspeedAl: Implement contact center knowledge management with ease

Move from your existing document storage system to a purpose-built premium contact center knowledge management solution faster than ever before.


We get it. Your contact center is struggling to find answers.

Your agents have low trust in the current system, as call times are being extended by asking neighboring cultures, and compliance and reporting are a nightmare.

You’re aware of the problem, you know that there is a better way – but the thought of moving from one system into a purpose-built knowledge management system seems daunting and overwhelming.

That’s why we created LightspeedAl.
The latest in AI and Knowledge Management innovation that does the heavy lifting for you. Move mountains of content in minutes. Policies and documents are consolidated into optimized, templated formats that are quick to read and find answers at conversational speeds.

See it in action with your own content:

Speak with a livepro knowledge consultant today
and see LightspeedAl transform your documents into
optimized knowledge articles within the livepro system.


Cutting-edge generative Al tool

Time Efficient Migration

Significantly reducing the time and effort required for document migration, LightspeedAl enables contact centers to rapidly transition to livepro. Less time and resources are needed to author knowledge into the system, getting new users up and running sooner.

Automated Content Mapping

LightspeedAl automatically maps and organizes content from the existing document into consistent, easy to navigate formats, preserving the integrity of the original document but improving readability and speed to answer.

Instant Knowledge Retrieval

LightspeedAl seamlessly integrates with livepro’s top-notch smart search, enabling users to quickly find precise information. The system understands queries and delivers instant, accurate results, eliminating manual navigation.


No, all new content is set to ‘pending’ leaving humans in the driver’s seat with all new content that LightspeedAl authors.

Currently there is a 3000-word limit for single documents, but this is in line with livepro best practice for bite-sized chunks of information. Our team works with yours to ensure your new livepro system is optimized for the end users. (Psst. That’s why we have the happiest customers and a 98.8% customer retention rate since 2001!)

Yes. Being that we have a broad range of clients that deal with sensitive client information, security is at the forefront of all our new features and technologies. Your information is securely stored and not accessible to anyone outside of your own instance.

If you have questions about products, implementation, integrations, or anything else, please call us on 1300 548 356 (AU), 1844 20 77 999 (US), or send us a message