Why you need to Speed up your Customer Service!

One of livepro’s mantras has always been, “it’s about the speed to answer.” So we weren’t surprised to hear that a recent report found that speed was the most important factor in having an excellent customer service experience.

More than 18,000 respondents across nine countries took part in the survey, conducted in July and August 2015. Consumers from Australia, Germany, France, the UK, and the US were among those who took part, revealing some key global trends.

81% of customers “just want questions answered.” This reinforces the need for organisations to deal with consumer requests quickly and efficiently. To provide a memorable, positive, customer experience, they need to be able to get the answer they want as fast as possible.

When asked “thinking about a recent positive experience you had with a company, what made this experience better than your experiences with other companies?” the responses were:

How do you increase the speed to answer?

Customer service agents need to have the information to answer any question at their fingertips – and they need get it quickly.

A Customer Service Knowledge Management System (CSKM) empowers your agents to search for the right answer and have it delivered in a format that enables them to provide the answer to the client in conversational speed and plain English.

Agents using a CSKM system have reported feeling more confident answering questions (which you know results in a happy customer). They also had a significant reduction in handovers, improved consistency of messaging and improved the context of their answers so customers didn’t need to call back later.

Find out more about how to improve speed to answer for your customers. Get a demo today from the livepro team –  [email protected]

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