Knowledge Management ROI Calculator

See what your ROI will be by using livepro Knowledge Management Software to cut contact centre costs.

Multiple Benefits

Increase customer and staff satisfaction ratings, reduce complaints and cut training times in half, saving your department thousands every year.

FTE Annual Cost (Each)
This is the average annual unloaded cost of an agent. (We add a conservative 20% loading to the calculation).
Average Calls Per Month
The total centre calls in an average month.
Average Cost Per Call
The average cost per call in the contact centre.
No. Of Inductees (p.a.)
The total number of new inductees per annum.
Induction Training for each Inductee (Days p.a.)
The number of training days per annum for each inductee.
Ongoing Training (Total centre days p.a.)
The total number of budgeted ongoing training days for entire centre.

Summary savings

Productivity Improvement
Induction Training Reduction
On-going Training Reduction
Call Volume Reduction
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* Average expected savings based on previous client experience

How does the calculator work?

It’s important to note that behind this calculator, we have opted to include the most conservative number in our calculations. This means the savings your organisation could achieve may be much higher than the calculator shows!

Typically, this can range from 30 – 90%. In this calculator we use the more conservative 30% to measure the reduction in training costs. 

We see a minimum of 12% as reported from our client base. In the calculator, we use 10%.

ME Bank reduced AHT from 10 minutes to just 6 minutes – that’s a 40% reduction!

We use 3% for this calculator.

This number is based on historical averages thanks to agents being able to provide accurate current information in a more confident manner that increases customer satisfaction and decreases call-backs.