Logan City Council Trailblazing with Chatbots

Logan City Council Trailblazing with Chatbots

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The Logan City Council (LCC) team recently invited our CEO Brad Shaw and Account Director Dave Callaghan to their offices to showcase the work that they have been doing with livepro Web-Answers and how they are using chatbots with livepro.

Logan is already very proud of the customer satisfaction scores they receive (Avg. 4.6 out of 5!). Although these high scores aren’t enough for their customer experience team. They are determined to answer their customers through whatever channel they choose.

Mathew Johns is the LCC’s Customer Experience & Community Engagement Manager. He states that they chose livepro because they knew that they needed one central source of truth.  They needed to provide their customers the same perfect answer,  whether it be via telephone, website, front counter or even via web chat.

“Mathew and the Digital Transformation team’s determination to deliver the best customer experience is obvious,” Brad stated. “The enthusiasm with which they presented their customer focused technology roadmap was contagious. I was always going to get on board and offer any help they needed to achieve their ambitious goals with that level of enthusiasm within the team!”

Having only recently started their journey, they have already done some impressive stuff as part of a ‘proof of concept’ project. This includes using Chatbots with livepro to develop a virtual assistant! The self-service module they have built within their website and their virtual assistant using livepro is truly cutting edge.  LCC are progressing with the livepro Web-Answers API. This is making it simple for their customers to easily find their own answers on the Logan City Council website. It’s looking absolutely fantastic and will surely be the envy of all our customers.

We all know the community is moving towards self-serve, and Logan is forging ahead of all others in delivering a great experience for their customers who want to answer their own questions. “We couldn’t have dreamed of the innovations we have underway without the one central source of truth livepro provides, and we would not have been able to achieve what we have without the enthusiastic help from the livepro team,” said Mr Johns.

“The livepro team have been raving about the work Logan has been doing for weeks now,” Brad said. “Having been caught up in the enthusiasm and seeing what they are doing I can see why. It was easy to give Lester, livepro’s Head of Development and Rhia, our Head of Customer Experience my full support and approval to provide whatever assistance the Logan team needs. Expect to see the livepro team in your offices whenever you need them, Mathew”.

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Shannon O’Connor | Marketing Specialist

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Fri, Jul 7 2017

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