Top Knowledge Management Software Must-Haves

Top Knowledge Management Software Must-Haves

A little background on Knowledge Management Software and it’s features…

If you’re new to the world of Knowledge Management Software, don’t worry! There’s a lot to learn and I have spent the last 6 months. First of all, learning the ins and outs of what makes a GREAT Knowledge Management platform. livepro is an intuitive and easy to use Knowledge Management System (KMS). For instance, it holds all the features needed to store, sort, find knowledge, and more.

A purpose-built KMS is designed to ensure that your knowledge is always up to date and banishes duplicate documents. livepro is designed specifically for Customer Service teams, and helps you find the right answers fast.

livepro is feature-rich, simple to navigate and best of all, it integrates with the software that you already use. This includes Salesforce, Genesys PureCloud, SharePoint and more. For instance, this means that everything is in one place, one single source of truth. One, simple solution for all of your knowledge.

Liv’s Top 5 Features

I have learnt a lot about Knowledge Management Software over the past 6 months. Therefore, I have rounded up my top 5 Knowledge Management must-haves that you need to ensure a streamlined and successful approach to Knowledge Management.


livepro’s hero feature – the search bar. The quickest and most reliable search in the game. Find exactly what you’re looking for, without needing to dig and read through for the right answers. This is decreases AHT and staff training time. And finally, gives your customer the perfect answer, fast.


The newest feature in livepro’s repertoire, the Rocket, probably our most advanced feature yet. In other words, this is a dynamic and market-leading customer experience tool that points you in the right direction and cuts through complexity. Simply answer a question and be guided through varying options that change with each response given by the customer until the perfect answer is found. Therefore, this ensures consistency, increases customer satisfaction and also reduces AHT!

Process Guidance:

Just like the Rocket, the easy to follow process guidance an essential in any Knowledge Management feature in any system. livepro’s Work Instructions walk agents through each step in a process, with scripting options and quick click through options for more experienced staff members.  It’s the best way to ensure consistent accurate processing, every time. Agents are self-sufficient which cuts down on staff training time. This means that Compliance Managers are happy and customers receive consistent answers. Above all, this is a win-win-win.

Announcement & Feedback: 

Targeted, timely communication that keeps your team engaged and up to date. Announcements reduce email clutter as they are timed to expire when information is no longer relevant, and they’re fully reportable. Get insights and data on open and read rates to ensure your important updates are being read and understood.  livepro’s Feedback feature ensures information is always up to date and it’s a great way to get users involved in the continuous improvement cycle.


Make sure complicated processes or new policies are understood by using livepro’s fun Quiz tool.  Quiz is a great way to engage your team, test and build staff knowledge. As a result, it enables users to learn on the job, cutting back on boarding costs and reducing errors!

Empower your Team

In conclusion, all these Knowledge Management must-have’s make your knowledge more relevant and credible than ever before. livepro is designed with your contact centre staff and customer in mind.  For those who are already are a client of ours, we have livepro Community available. Help your team help you! In addition, if you would like a 15 minute obligation free demo of livepro in more depth, please get in touch with me here!


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