Insite Partners with livepro Knowledge Management Solutions

Insite Partners with livepro Knowledge Management Solutions

insight partners with livepro

Knowledge Management Software Helps Contact Centers

CAPE CORAL, Fla., Nov. 11, 2021 /PRNewswire/Insite Managed Solutions, a global consulting firm specializing in improving, optimizing, and innovating the human processes and systems required to deliver enriching experiences, formed a strategic alliance with a global company to provide a new service specifically tailored to contact centers.

“Our partnership with livepro allows us to offer customized knowledge management services to our clients,” said Chris Rozum, Insite founder and CEO. “KM is a natural extension of Insite’s contact center technology solutions.”

“We are proud to have selected Insite Managed Solutions as our North American partner to deliver livepro’s Premium Knowledge Management solution locally in the U.S.,” said Brad Shaw, livepro CEO. “livepro is the Knowledge Management Market Leader here in Australia, and partnering with the right organization in the U.S. was a key factor in our overall growth strategy.”

livepro is feature-rich, intuitive, and easy to use. The user-friendly platform quickly delivers brief answers to agents instead of long, complex documents. This makes customer service quicker, easier, and more efficient. Staff require almost no training on complex procedures thanks to livepro’s intuitive design. livepro raises agent confidence and lowers training costs.

“Insite can now help contact center agents deliver reliable answers to customers fast,” said Rozum. “This new partnership marries together our professional services with livepro’s technology to provide a comprehensive knowledge management solution customized for contact centers.”

In addition, compliance and risk factors are minimized thanks to easy-to-follow process guidance. Organizations save money with Insite and livepro through reductions in AHT, training time, and errors.

“livepro is already growing at a rapid rate in North America,” said Shaw, “so selecting a partner that not only has expert local knowledge but is aligned with livepro’s cultural beliefs was of utmost importance – and we are very pleased to have chosen Insite Managed Solutions. We look forward to a prosperous partnership.”

Since 2001, livepro has delivered knowledge management solutions to customer service centers in all major industries, including Banking and Finance, Airlines, Insurance, Retirement Funds, Education, Health, and Government.

For a free, live demo, contact Insite at [email protected].

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Shannon Turner
Shannon Turner


Fri, Nov 26 2021

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