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We are the experts in knowledge management. We are here to help you unlock
your contact center potential. With our unparalleled support and user-friendly
approach, we make partnering with us a seamless and rewarding experience.

Adaptable to suit your specific needs, our platform boasts cutting-edge features like advanced AI search, best in market governance and compliance features and state of the art reporting and analytics – all included as standard. Save time, money, and enhance performance with livepro.

quicker results

Increase customer satisfaction

Get answers delivered at conversational speed with AI-Assisted Search. It’s like your customers are speaking to your most advanced expert, every time.


more time & money saved

Reduce training and onboarding time

Reduce training and new hire induction by up to 90% thanks to a smarter and more intuitive approach to knowledge management.

accuracy increased

Improve compliance and risk

Be certain your agents have the most recently approved knowledge with our intuitive, best-in-class governance features.


data-driven decisions

Gain customer insights

livepro’s fully configured dashboards and integrated analytics package deliver customer insights proactively so you never miss a beat.


AI Knowledge Management

Lean on AI to streamline operations, complete mundane tasks and tackle routine inquiries and allow your team the freedom to focus on the human element of customer service. With the all new LightspeedAI implement contact center knowledge management with ease.
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Empower your team

We know the struggles agents face without a reliable knowledge management solution. Sorting through endless documents on Sharepoint for answers is no picnic.

With livepro, we transform how your contact center operates, ensuring real-time access to answers for both agents and customers across various channels. 

Make connecting with customers easier accross all the industries


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Cut in average handling time (AHT)


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Reduction in onboarding


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Reduction in training time

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livepro integrates with many contact center applications so you can connect, automate and deliver better digital experiences through multiple channels using simple out-of-the-box connections.

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