Why Your CX Strategy Must Use Customer-Centric Knowledge Management

A common myth in our business is that any knowledge management system enhances customer experience just as effectively, or nearly as effectively, as a customer-centric one. By “generic” knowledge management system, we mean a solution that isn’t specifically focused on customer interactions or experiences. Instead, such a tool typically consists of a knowledge base that […]

The AI Wave is Coming: Is Your Knowledge Management System Ready?

Your AI Model is Only as Good as the Data It’s Trained On Although AI and knowledge management are indeed complementary and synergistic, there’s sometimes an expectation that an LLM like ChatGPT can simply be trained on whatever is available in the pool of a department’s documents and records with good results. While it’s true […]

Why Your Knowledge Management is Only as Good as Your Governance

You might have the best knowledge management system in the world, but without an effective governance framework no one will use it. This is regardless of technology and features. Why? Knowledge management governance is about the maintenance of the content in your KMS. It’s about keeping content relevant, timely, and compliant. Without the right processes […]