Templates & Resources​

Templates and styles are a great way to ensure your livepro content is being authored consistently across multiple authors in the team. We have included some of our livepro approved templates below, which can easily be loaded into your instance of livepro through the admin section.

To see what templates other users are utilising, or to share a template you’ve created with other users, please do so on the community forums here.

Please note: consistent authoring is key to ensuring users can find the answers they need, quickly. If you add any new templates to your system, you should always ensure that your fellow authors are aware of any changes.

What is the difference between a template and a style?

Templates are internet code which tell your web browser how a page is to be structured (e.g. where the content will sit and how the page is setup). A style, on the other hand, is the way the content is going to look (e.g. text colour, fonts, font size, etc). The benefit of separating the two is that you can apply one style to multiple templates which means that should you ever need to change that style (e.g. for a corporate re-brand) you can update the style once, which will automatically update the template and any live content that utilises the template.

How do I add a new template?

Each template below will include instructions on how to create the template within your livepro site. Some templates will require styles also be added to your livepro site otherwise the templates won’t function correctly. These styles are included in the files below.

Note: The templates/styles are easily customise-able so you can ensure the colours match your corporate site.