Knowledge management integrations

Knowledge Management Integrations

Streamline your contact centre with Knowledge Management Software that connects seamlessly to your existing tools for CRM, collaboration, comms, bots, ticketing and telephony.

Why are KM Integrations Important?

Integrating livepro with your website, CRM, chatbot, collaboration tools or ticketing software enables your contact centre agents to harness the power of livepro’s Knowledge Management System to guide their customers to the right answer. With process guidance, decision trees, smart search and more your contact centre staff are instant knowledge specialists in any department.

Take advantage of single sign-on within the one platform and access to all the knowledge, data and tools you need deliver exceptional customer experience and consolidate communication with your team or department.

Connected tools mean connected teams

A single source of truth that connects to your existing suite of tools ensures answers are easy to find, easy to share, and consistent across the board

All integrations
are free

Share knowledge organisation wide

Same answers without switching screens

Collaborate on knowledge with ease

Your systems, but better

slack integration
salesforce integration
microsoft teams integration
zendesk integration
genesys cloud integration
cxone integration
creative virtual integration
okta integration
webex integration
wordpress integration
azure integration

and more…

livepro's Top 5 Knowledge Management Integrations

Find out how our contact centre customers are scaling knowledge by integrating livepro into existing tools

"livepro was the perfect choice for us because it connected to our existing data stores & website information. This suits our philosophy not to store the same information more than once and ensures livepro is always current.”

– Martin C, General Manager Performance | Hospital & Health Care Industry

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