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COPC and livepro: Creating Superior Customer and Staff Experiences

Premium Knowledge Management Certified by Global CX Leaders

The only COPC Approved Knowledge Management Solution

livepro are proud to announce that we are now recognised as a COPC Approved Technology Provider (ATP) 

livepro underwent rigorous evaluation by the COPC team and successfully attained their ATP status. The ATP program recognizes technology solutions providers who have proven delivery of real business value that helps companies deploy best practices found in the COPC Customer Experience (CX) Standard.

Benefits of World Class Knowledge Management

Increase Customer Satisfaction by reducing AHT, transfers and increase FCR

Dramatically reduce training time, costs and improve staff confidence and engagement

Improve compliance and risk with authored only content & SOC Certified secured data

Analytics show knowledge, staff and customer insights delivered straight to your dashboard

Customer Success Stories

Real businesses who have achieved real results with the only ATP Accredited Knowledge Management Solution. livepro follows global best practices as defined by COPC Inc. proven to drive CX excellence in the contact center industry.


PetSure achieves business case in less than 4 months and reduces AHT by 30 seconds.


Increased speed to competency, enthusiastic user adoption and AHT reduced by 17%.

Avant Mutual

Avant Mutual reduces transfers by 33% and wrap up time by 59% with livepro.

About COPC Inc. 

COPC Inc. provides consulting, training, certification, benchmarking and research for operations that support the customer experience.

The company created the COPC Standards, a collection of performance management systems for customer experience operations, customer experience management, vendor management and procurement. Founded in 1996, COPC Inc. began by helping call centers improve their performance.

Today, the company is an innovative global leader that empowers organizations to optimize operations for the delivery of a superior service journey. COPC Inc. is headquartered in Winter Park, FL, U.S. and with operations in Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific, Latin America, India and Japan.


About livepro 

livepro are experts in Customer Service Knowledge Management and have provided their feature-rich yet easy to use solution to customer service in all major industries since 2001.  

livepro focuses on delivering answers to agents – not long complex documents. This is made possible by livepro’s powerful features like search and easy to follow process guidance. livepro requires next to no training and turns your agents into experts meaning staff confidence and customer satisfaction go up while AHT and training costs are cut down.  

As the one central source of truth, livepro delivers knowledge to any digital channel through a simple API – meaning the same information is being accessed no matter where the question is asked.