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RemServ cuts classroom induction training in half with ultra-intuitive Knowledge Management System

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From 52 to 62

The Knowledge Management Challenge

Salary packaging is an immensely complex business – so much so that it is almost impossible for customer service staff to learn all of the ins and outs. That’s why an effective Knowledge Management System is essential for enabling customer service agents to rapidly find information in response to client queries. RemServ, one of Queensland’s leading providers of workplace benefits, knows this particularly well. It had developed a detailed spreadsheet that would link agents to the folders and documents where information was located, but as the business continued to evolve, it became clear that this outdated approach to Knowledge Management was no longer working. Without search functionality, staff often struggled to find the right resources first time and it was taking longer and longer to train new team members.

The Objectives

RemServ was in the process of making a major change to its operating model, and it saw that this was a perfect opportunity to implement a new, modern Knowledge Management System. The company began looking for a solution that could help it
  • Improve customer satisfaction by delivering better answers Improve customer satisfaction by delivering better answers quicker
  • Boost employee engagement with a more intuitive system
  • Cut operating costs by streamlining new agent recruitment and onboarding

After evaluating a range of Knowledge Management options, RemServ chose livepro. livepro initially stood out thanks to its ease-of-use for both agents and knowledge publishers, and the overwhelmingly positive reviews and ad-hoc feedback from existing users gave RemServ confidence that it was onto a winner.

The Outcome

livepro worked with RemServ to deploy a Knowledge Management System that was tailored to the company’s specific requirements, ensuring it complied with industry regulations and that information segmentation aligned with RemServ’s organizational structure. Casey Lees, from the Quality, Improvement & Assist team at RemServ, comments “It was such a relief to work with a company that would listen and learn about our unique product, rather than dictate what they think we need.”

With livepro in place, agents can now easily search for resources and rapidly answer client questions. As a result, RemServ has seen a marked improvement in both employee engagement and customer satisfaction, with Net Promotor Score (NPS) increasing from 52 to 62. What’s more, livepro has made onboarding and upskilling staff significantly faster and more cost-effective. In the past, new hires required 10 days of classroom training to achieve basic competency – but now, after just 5 days in the classroom, agents can get straight to work and learn on-the-job.

Casey Lees concludes: “livepro is super supportive, and they also really value our feedback, reaching out to us to do some testing and provide our thoughts and opinions on future enhancements of the system. It’s made us feel like a truly valued customer.”

“It was such a relief to work with a company that would listen and learn about our unique product, rather than dictate what they think we need.”

– Casey Lees, Quality, Improvement & Assist team at Remserv