KMS success story:

Blue Mountains City Council saves five hours on customer calls per week



Local Government



Decreased by 50%



Staff Efficiency

The Knowledge Management Challenge

How to do more with less – it’s the dilemma facing almost every local government in the world. Public organisations are under constant pressure to cut costs, but at the same time, they must also meet citizens’ growing expectations of improved services. For Blue Mountains City Council, the solution was clear: it needed to work smarter.

The Council knew that its customer service team was being challenged by the technology it was using. The Knowledge Management System (KMS) was not intuitive, making it hard for staff to retrieve information and address citizen queries quickly. What’s more, without an efficient way to gather data on knowledge usage, the Council struggled to make informed improvements to the system or provide its agents with effective feedback and training.

The Objectives

Blue Mountains City Council set its sights on implementing a new KMS that would ensure its customer service team could deliver the right answer, quickly, every time – empowering staff to both work more productively and provide an enhanced service to citizens.

Specifically, the Council wanted a solution that would help it meet the following goals:
  • Cut time required to find and relate accurate information
  • Improve knowledge readability
  • Cut training time
  • Cut escalations
  • Enable detailed reporting

Adopting livepro was an easy decision. The Council had been interested in livepro for some time and seeing it in action at the Local Government Customer Service Network Conference sealed the deal.

The Outcome

With livepro in place, Blue Mountains City Council is now able to resolve calls more quickly and consistently than ever. In fact, thanks to livepro’s ease-of-use, the Council is seeing time savings across every step of its customer service interactions:
  • Time to find information has dropped from 10 seconds to 5 seconds
  • Time to read information has dropped from 15 seconds to 9 seconds
  • Overall time to start delivering information has dropped from 25 seconds to 14 seconds

These savings represent more than a 50% reduction per call, and over the course of an average day they add up to over 50 minutes – that’s nearly 5 hours per week. This increased efficiency frees staff to spend more time on other projects.

The new system is so intuitive that the time required to train new team members has been dramatically reduced – but development doesn’t stop with the initial onboarding. livepro gives the Council access to up-to-date reports on staff performance and knowledge trends, which can be used to seamlessly create quizzes that help reinforce learning. At the same time, agents can provide targeted feedback that enables management to update and improve the system.

We needed a solution that was clear and engaging for agents, and had full testing and feedback options for managers. livepro allowed us to do this above and beyond any other system we investigated.

– Geoff Stodart, Customer Services Team Leader at Blue Mountains City Council