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livepro’s ROI Calculator is a great sales tool – but like any tool, it works best when the user knows exactly how to operate it. That’s why we’ve created this quick page to run you as a sales partner through the thinking behind the calculator and exactly how we come up with the results.

We have designed the calculator to operate based on our most conservative figures,  this means that they might even save a lot more than the shown outcome. As a selling partner, it’s important for you to know why we have done this and how you can include

Hot tips: Whenever sending a link out to the ROI Calculator, include some customer quotes and case studies to offer solid proof that this solution really works and emphasise that the ROI Calculators result is conservative!

Some Background Information

It’s important to note that behind this calculator, we have opted to include the most conservative number in our calculations. This means that the amount of savings for your prospect could actually be much higher than the calculator shows!

  • Reduction in training: Typically this can range from 30 – 90%. In this calculator we use the more conservative 30%.
  • Average handle times: We see a minimum of 12% as reported from our client base. In the calculator, we use 10%.
    ME Bank reduced AHT from 10 minutes to just 6 minutes – that’s a 40% reduction!
  • Call volume reduction: We use 3% for this calculator.
    This number is based on historical averages thanks to agents being able to provide accurate current information in a more confident manner that increases customer satisfaction and decreases call-backs

Break it Down

So now you know the math, how do you fill it in?